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Woodberg County Residences

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  • 316 Palm Lane - Wyler Household

    When you walk up the sidewalk to number 316 Palm Lane, you are greeted by a white picket fence surrounding a neatly mowed lawn. Hedges line the inside of the fence, with a few small trees planted in the small front yard. A cobbled path stretches from the sidewalk up to two steps, that lead up to a wooden porch which goes around the entire house. An off white door provides entrance to the cream coloured house. Once inside the house, you walk into a large living room that joins onto the kitchen and dining room. The kitchen is painted white, with black and white tiles. Benches with black granite tops line the walls, breaking only to allow a home for the oven and stove top, and breaking again to allow a home for the large fridge. A table that can seat six sits in the adjoining dining room. Towards the back of the kitchen is a glass sliding door that leads to the backyard. The living room holds two couches – one three seater couch and one two seater couch. Both are black. The three seater couch is along the back wall of the living room while the two seater couch is along the side wall, in front of a window that looks out into the front yard. In the middle of the living room is a square cherry wood coffee table that has several magazines strewn across it. A TV unit sits along another wall near the front door, with a large flat screen TV on top of it (courtesy of Chad’s muggle-savvy neighbours). Next to the TV unit is a hallway. Right at the very end of the hallway is the master bedroom, a large room with two windows – one looking out on the front yard, and one looking out to the side of the house. It is furnished by Chad’s large king sized bed with black silk sheets and black and red silk blankets and pillow cases. The bed sits underneath the window that looks out on the front yard. On either side of the bed are two matching bedside tables, the one on the left holding a lamp, the one on the right holding a muggle alarm clock. There are two doors at the end of Chad’s room – one leads to his walk in closet, the other leads to his bathroom. The first door on the right leads to the spare bedroom that Chad keeps furnished with a queen sized bed, bedside tables and smaller, yet still impressive flat screen TV. It holds a built in wardrobe, the sliding doors both mirrored. The bedroom has one window, which sits above the bed, looking out into the front yard. Across from the bedroom is the main bathroom, which is home to a spa bath. If you walk outside via the glass sliding door, you end up in the backyard. The backyard is as neatly mowed as the front yard, and is large enough to hold several dogs. There are a few trees planted around the backyard to provide shade. Chad keeps a table and chair setting on the back porch, which is also home to a muggle style barbecue. There are a few dog toys strewn around the backyard, and a dog house along the back fence. These belong to the large German Shepherd Chad owns.
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  • 319 Palm Lane - Lestrange Household

    A small, comfortable house that would be considered crowded if ithoused any more than two people. Luckily it houses only the musicalbartender of the Drunken Elf. The yard is well-kept but unremarkable,as if it's owner had no time to plant anything to augment the grass andthe sapling maple tree in the center of the yard. There are no clues onthe outside of the house to hint at the life of its owner, but astrumming guitar can often be heard at all times of the day or night,its music drifting out of the open windows. The inside of the house isnearly as impersonal. A small, cream-tiled kitchen is to the left ofthe white front door. It's spotless but looks rarely used, though thereare some dog-eared cookbooks on a rack by the refrigerator. A whitewooden table with four white wooden chairs around it serves as thedining area. The kitchen opens up into the wood floored and woodpaneled living room where a large bookshelf stuffed with textbookstakes the place where muggles would normally hang a television. A comfyand worn brown couch sits opposite the bookshelf, and on the wallopposite the kitchen. To the left of the front door are two bedroomsseparated by a conjoined bathroom. The larger (though by no meanslarge) bedroom serves as the master bedroom, housing a creaky old queensize bed with two think black quilts draped over the top. Under the bedis a beat-up black guitar case with a pristine and well-tuned guitarkept inside. An old wooden dresser stands at the foot of the bed. Thebathroom is clean and unremarkable, housing a toilet, a sink, and abathtub/shower. A single blue toothbrush lies on the counter next to atube of toothpaste. The guest bedroom has a full-sized bed with bluequilts on it and a smaller dresser than the one in the master bedroom.The room looks unused. There are at least two windows in every room ofthe house, and none of them have curtains, keeping the house constantlysunny and open.
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  • 1120 Maple Court - Amorcya Mansion

    Beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe the Amorcya Mansion. Magnificent is one word used to describe it. Expensive is another. This white brick, 12 bedroom, 11.5 bathrooms mansion is what the Amorcya family calls home. Only five rooms of the Amorcya mansion are used. Two rooms have been reserved and decorated for Gabrielle and Michelle’s friends, Adrienne Taylor and Danielle Hale. There are seven guestrooms, each with their own bathroom and theme. A large room on the first floor of the mansion has been dedicated entirely to muggle technology. This room is used only so the family can watch the movies which Janette stars in. The house is kept looking beautiful by the large amounts of butlers, maids and house elves the Amorcya’s employ.

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    Wed Jul 13, 2011 11:50 pm
    Michelle Amorcya Life Sucks [Gabrielle- Closed]
  • 56 Daring Avenue - Chapman Residence

    The Chapman residence is possibly the second largest mansion on Amorcya Island.Though not as large as the Amorcya Mansion, the Chapman residence is still just as extravagant. The Chapman residence is a large, 8room brick mansion at the very end of Daring Avenue. Each room has its own bathroom, and each room has been decorated according to the person inhabiting it. Unlike the Amorcya Mansion, which has three balconies, the Chapman residence only has one balcony, which is connected to Nathan and Martha’s room.
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    Tue Jun 16, 2009 5:48 am
    Ruby Marie Chapman ruby's diary.
  • 14 Crystal Avenue - Edwards/Hale Residence

    The home which Alec and Dani live in boasts two reasonably sized bedrooms, a bathroom and a decent sized kitchen/dining area with an adjoining living area. The backyard is big enough for perhaps two small dogs or one large dog, while the front yard is completely paved. The house is surrounded by a brown picket fence.
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    Tue Jul 05, 2011 2:32 am
    Alec Edwards Awkward reunion *Dani, Alec*
  • 8 Poppy Lane - Emily and Jakes house

    A small house that wouldn't be able to fit more than five people without everyone having to sit on each other. Sand coloured brick covers the ground floor and white brick on the second floor with three white windows facing the front. A bright blue door covered by a porch and a small blue garage on the right of the door. A red roof on top of the house. Inside there are two bedrooms, both of a decent size with built in wardrobes but not completely furnished. Two bathrooms, one upstairs and one downstairs both black and white tiles and showers. A living room with a dining room at the back, and a small kitchenette to the side of the table. Still not fully furnished yet. There is a small garden out the back, covered with grass and a small patio, bordered by a wooden fence.
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    Wed Jul 06, 2011 3:39 am
    Ruby Marie Chapman morning mischief [jake, emily, chad ; closed]
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