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1120 Maple Court - Amorcya Mansion

  • 1120 Maple Court - Amorcya Mansion

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  • Gabrielle's Room

    Gabrielle's room is on the far left side of the mansion. It is afraction bigger than Michelle's, something that Gabrielle is extremelyproud of. Gabrielle's room has been painted pale pink and decoratedaccordingly with pale pink and white furniture.Her queen bed is pushedup against the very back wall, close to the door that leads to thebathroom Gabrielle shares with her sister. The bed is made of pale pinkmetal, covered by two thick pale pink and white blankets with sevenfluffy pillows, all in different shades of pink and covered with stuffedanimals. On either side of the bed are pink bedside tables. At the endof the bed are two matching pale pink dog beds which are rarely used byGabrielle's Papillon puppy, Cupcake and Collie puppy, Frosting. A large,expensive scratching post sits beside the bedside table for Gabrielle'sSiamese cat, Sprinkles. A chest of drawers sits against the side wall,beside a door that leads to Gabrielle's walk-in cupboard. On the chestof drawers sits a miniature version of the Oasis Hill willow tree.Covering the walls are various pictures from different magazines. Theroom is also decorated with pictures of Gabrielle and her friends andGabrielle's various pets. There is a fireplace along the same wall asthe door that leads to the balcony. In front of the fireplace is a palepink and white three-seat couch with two matching footrests. Beside thefireplace is a glass sliding door that leads to Gabrielle's balcony.Next to the dooron the outside is a large cage with a rainbow Macawnamed Muffin in it.In the corner of the balcony is a somewhat large,yet still miniature version of the Oasis Hill willow tree. A rope bridgethat was constructed by Michelle and Gabrielle connects their balconies.
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    Wed Jun 24, 2009 8:50 pm
    Michelle Amorcya a solo slumber party. [michelle, danielle - open]
  • The Twins' Shared Bathroom

    The bathroom that the two girls share has been painted in pastelcoloured splatters. The bathroom is large enough for two. Along onewall there is two sinks with two mirrors, one for each girl. In frontof the sinks are rugs that match the colour of each girl’s room. A pinkrug for Gabrielle and a light blue rug for Michelle. The bathroom hastwo toilets, one shower and one large bathtub. The bathroom is the hometo the two monkeys Gabrielle and Michelle keep secret from theirparents. Michelle’s monkey is named Orange Cake, and Gabrielle’s monkeyis named Banana Cake.
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  • Michelle's Room

    Michelle's room is in the front of the house, right next to the bathroomshe shares with Gabrielle. Her room is actually a fraction smaller thanher sister's, but she never seemed to mind. Her room is decorated indifferent shades of blue. Her queen bed stands in the farthest cornerfrom the door and is made out of dark walnut wood,and her blankets area light blue. She has around five pillows on her bed, each of them adifferent shade of blue. She had a dark brown brick fireplace and is oneof her favorite parts of her room. She has two chocolate colored squishychairs that sit in front of the fireplace and Michelle is often foundthere reading one of her many old novels from her small walnut bookcasethat sites by her bed. She has a large cage by the sliding glassdoor that leads to the balcony, for her Owl Cherry. She also has a lightbrown dog bed at the foot of her bed for her Yorkshire Terrier, Apple.Other than pictures of waterfalls,nothing is on her blue walls. Justoutside on her balcony she has a small cage with her bluebird,Blueberry, inside it.
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    Wed Jul 13, 2011 11:50 pm
    Michelle Amorcya Life Sucks [Gabrielle- Closed]
  • Danielle's Room

    Danielle's room is smaller than Gabrielle's andMichelle's but still just as extravagant. The walls and decorations areall some a different shade of purple with small cushions covering thebed. Her bed is made out of light oak wood, with matching bed sidetables and a small wardrobe that is still too big to fit all of herclothes in. There is a seat in the corner of the room, behind a deskthat she usually likes to write letters on whenever she has beenstaying for a while. A large window at the front, gives an amazing viewof the grounds and even has a little window seat, with a purple cushionof course.

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  • Adrienne's Room

    Adrienne's room lies a bit farther back than Gabrielle's or Michelle's it is also a bit smaller than both rooms but it is still just as comfortable. The walls were white so that Adrienne can express herself freely on them but since moving in they have been bombarded with random drawing, including a giant mural to The Beatles and Audrey Hepburn who are by far her favorite muggle celebrities. Her bed fits into the walls nicely by having a black and white floral design scattered across it. However her dark red pillows are a dramatic accent which set the bed apart. There is a black desk which is splattered with random colors from Adrienne's many pant spills. It is set near the window so Adrienne is free to daydream and attempt to avoid her home work some more. Her closet is decently sized but no where near any of the other girls. She insisted she didn't need a lot of space considering she doesn't like to spend too much time away from home.
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  • The Grounds

    The grounds that surround the Amorcya Mansion are just as beautifuland magnificent as the mansion itself. The grounds are home to a varietyof animals, both tamed and wild. Behind the mansion is a stable, hometo the horses owned by the twins. While there are over ten horses inthe stable, the girls both have their favourites - Strawberry,Michelle’s chestnut paint mare and Cookie, Gabrielle’s AppaloosaAnglo-Arab. Behind the stable there is a lake that is home to swans,ducks, and many different breeds of fish.
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    Tue Jun 16, 2009 6:28 am
    Gabrielle Amorcya an afternoon ride. [open]
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