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Post  Michelle Amorcya on Sun Feb 15, 2009 12:17 am

1. While registering for an account on this forum please use the first and last name of your character. For example, Hermione Granger not xoxilovehpxox. If you make a mistake please PM (private message) an Admin and they will change it for you.

2. There is no maximum amount of characters you can have. However, if you have two characters and would like more, you need to PM an admin to ask permission. The admins will then decide whether you can handle more than two characters.

3. Only one character per account.

4. Please fill out the application and post it in the 'pending applications' forum. Do not post anywhere else until an admin accepts your application.

5. If your application is not accepted, it is either not as fully developed as we hope and you can edit it, if not it will be declined and you may choose to reapply for a new name and character.

6. When registering on this site, you are making a commitment. Please do not make an account and then leave.

7. Once you have created your first character, you may not have a second until that character has 50 or more posts. This is non-negotiable. The only way to overcome this rule is to receive special permission from an Admin.

Posting and Content:
1. Once again, until you have been accepted by one of the admins, do not post in any topic or forum except for your own application.

2. All posts need to be done in third person. This is not a story about you, it's about your character.

3. On this site we do not have a specific lenght for your posts, but note that this is a LITERATE forum. Do not post one sentence and be done with it. Remember that you can add what your character is thinking, feeling, doing, etc. into your posts.

4. Remember this is a Harry Potter universe. Yes, it's in the distant future, but wizards/witches will still have no clue what and iPod is, or an MP3 player.

5. Please remember that YOUNGER children will be joining this site, for this reason, please keep swearing to a minimum, and do not go any further than passionate kissing.

6. Do not "bump" topics. In other words, not posting "bump" in your thread, and do not double post to make your thread move along faster. If you are waiting for a reply, the other people will get to it in their own time.

7. If the site goes down, for any reason, please make sure you copy and paste all of your posts into a word document as you write them. This will save you any heartache about losing a post that took hours and hours to write.

8. DO NOT, at any time, take control of another person's character unless that person specifically gave your permission to do so.

1. Any major plot ideas must be submitted to an admin though PM.

2. Do not request an admin or moderator position. These postions are earned not given away.

3. In an attempt to make things easier for you, the admins have decided to use this calendar to help you figure out what date it is. In a further attempt to make things easier for you, the admins will post any important dates in the Announcements forum.

4. If we end up doing any kind of Character of the Month competition, as a general rule, REE is not to be voted for as she already has too many characters, and it wouldn't be fair on other members if she won Character of the Month and had like fifty million characters.

5. There seems to be some confusion on OHA. For the record, OASIS HILL ACADEMY DOES NOT HAVE QUIDDITCH. It never HAS had Quidditch, and it never WILL have Quidditch. Please keep this in mind when you are writing your application and when posting. If you have any problems with this rule, take it up with the Admins (Ree, Ren and Frankie).

The admins researve the right to add rules at any given time.

I'll be alright without you.
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