{Well, then tonight} Miles {Let us assay our plot} Saunders

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{Well, then tonight} Miles {Let us assay our plot} Saunders

Post  Guest on Thu Apr 30, 2009 6:20 pm

Miles Saunders
Reading Writing Music Wordplay
Sarcastic Witty Moody Kind Intelligent

Close Relationships-

One day I will build a fountain
Drink and never grow old
And I'll market an elixir
Bussom Buddie
That will eliminate the common cold
Partner In Crime
Find your sickness on my list
Best Friend

Distant Relationships-
Pay up front and make a wish
Slight Dislike
I can't stand to wait in line long
Love/Hate relationship
So I built a new machine
It just measures up the distance
And then eliminates the folks between
One day I'll construct a satellite
And I'll name it after you
To see the look upon your face
As I launch you into space
Arch Nemesis

Intimate Relationship-
Someday I will find the secret
To your social chemistry
And I'll print it on a t-shirt
Mutual Crush
And it'll make you want to be with me
And if I wear it past your work
You'll see other guys are jerks
True Love

Other Relationship
Much like pheromones for flies

[b]Year and House:[/b]
[i]-or for non-students-[/i]
[b]Age and Occupation:[/b]
[b]Personality in 1 paragraph:[/b]

[b]Past Relationship:[/b]
[b]Present Relationship:[/b]
[b]Desired Future Relationship:[/b]
[b]Qualifications for Relationship:[/b]

[b]Outward Opinion of Miles:[/b]
[b]Inward Opinion of Miles:[/b]


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Re: {Well, then tonight} Miles {Let us assay our plot} Saunders

Post  Guest on Sat May 02, 2009 8:08 pm

Name: Adrienne Taylor
Year and House: Sixth, Othello
Personality in 1 paragraph:Adrienne is an optimistic girl who is always looking out for those around her more than herself. She's loyal and trust worthy but tends to have a bit of trouble trusting others. She doesn't tend to open up to most but instead she gives a little bit of herself to everyone. She likes to have a good time but thinks you can do such without breaking the rules, she'll bend them herself but likes to stay generally inside the lines. She does however, hang out with those who break them, but if she doesn't have a badge on you don't need to worry.

Past Relationship: Friends
Present Relationship: Good friends, crush
Desired Future Relationship: Good friends, possible relationship
Qualifications for Relationship: Adrienne and Fletch have known each other since their first year considering they are in the same year and house. Since then they have became close, after taking almost all of their classes together. Adrienne has always been able to talk to Fletch and always enjoys there time together.

Outward Opinion of Miles:”Well what really is there to say about Fletch that isn't blatantly obvious? Well for one I like to call him Miles, but only because no one else does and sometimes just to bug him. Miles is a bunch of fun to hang around with and he makes sure that I never get to lazy with my sarcasm. It's nice to be able to throw stuff around with someone who won't get offended or say 'I know you are but what am I?' It's also nice to just talk to him, he has read a lot of books that I have and other people just haven't. Don't get me wrong we don't sit around and talk about books all the time but sometimes it comes up. Any ways it's a joy to hang out with Fletch, especially when he is wearing that great smile of his.”
Inward Opinion of Miles: “Well Miles is so much fun I just wish sometimes that he viewed me as more than just a friend. Then again I'm not sure if we should take that extra step and give it that label. I've had a bunch of friendships ruined by relationships and even though I think his eyes are the most beautiful things I've ever seen and that his smile could light a city for years I don't want to lose him. If that means I have to stick with being with just friends then I will take that risk.”


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