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twelve . generous . sweet . adorable . veela
dainty . motivated . optimistic . friendly . french

c l o s e s t f r i e n d s

g o o d f r i e n d s

f r i e n d s

l o v e s

r i v a l s

e n e m i e s

f a m i l y

[b]full name[/b]
[b]link to application[/b]

[b]relationship[/b] (free free to think outside the boundaries of my list, they're only basics)
[b]your character's thoughts[/b]
[b]your character's honest, inner thoughts[/b]


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Post  Guest on Sat May 23, 2009 11:52 pm

full name Columbine Rienne Beaulieu
age/year/house Seventeen, Seventh, Malvolio
DOB August 29th
history They're sisters!!! When Columbine was five, her mother had another gallivanting affair with a veela and blessed their family with Afrodille. Columbine was old enough not to begrudge her youngest sister the attention she got, and grew very protective and loving of FroBo.
link to application Column-bean!

relationship big sister-little sister, closest friends, mentor, respect, adoration, doting
your character's thoughts "When it happens that a group of females grow up in very close quarters together (especially when said females are of veela heritage), these females either become each others' truest enemies or each others' dearest friends. I openly and delightedly say that in the case of myself and dear Afrodille that the later occurred. When she was born my mother deemed me old enough to take care of Afrodille while she, my mother, was away or busy at work. I tried to be the pillar of control and strength in the life of Afrodille, but alas I was not up to it. She was just such the dearest little child that I could never bring myself to deny or begrudge her anything. Then she grew before my eyes into one of the kindest, if also one of the quietest, young ladies I had met. She is perhaps not so withdrawn in my company, at least when others are not present also, but she is still the quietest of we Beaulieu girls, which I believe is a complement. She is not as rash as I tend to be, and is not as carried away by the passions of our blood, but she is also younger than me. I adore her beyond anything else in the world, and it always makes me proud to see her succeed. I am glad that she looks up to me, and it warms my heart to know this, but I sometimes worry that she will follow too close in my footsteps. As of now she is not even near doing so, so I may at least stop worrying for the time being."
your character's honest, inner thoughts the same :]


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