Muggle Studies 101 [be there, or be square!]

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Muggle Studies 101 [be there, or be square!]

Post  Brooke Gaiman on Tue May 26, 2009 6:16 am

Brooke stared at herself in her ceiling-to-floor mirror, a somewhat disgusted expression on her face. She was in her robes, something that had to be worn when teaching. Brooke honestly thought that was a crappy rule, but then again, she couldn’t really be showing up to class in a mini skirt and halter top. That wasn’t professional, and she already knew that several of her older male students enjoyed seeing her in small amounts of clothing. Going to the beach in a bikini was a dangerous thing these days, especially if the students were around. Brooke scrunched up her nose as she adjusted her robes, trying to get them to sit in a way that at least didn’t make her look old. Apparently the robes had been specially made to make young people look older. Her nose still scrunched up, Brooke ran a brush through her hair (which she was going to keep down, thank you very much) and applied a small amount of lip gloss to her lips. It really was discriminatory to make a teacher as young as Brooke wear these robes that were obviously made for old people. With a slight sigh, Brooke cast one more (slightly depressed) look at herself in the mirror, before grabbing her wand and leaving her bedroom.

Frisky was asleep on the couch, and from what Brooke could see, had plenty of food to tide her over for the day. Not sure what to expect of the day, Brooke exited the living room, and locked the door behind her. She glanced up and down the hall that housed the Teachers Quarters, and started down the corridor. At least her life didn’t completely suck at the moment. Brooke was somewhat happier today than she had been a few days ago. She and Will had spoken, and although they had to keep it a secret, had decided that they were going to try a relationship. Brooke was hoping that they’d work. Frowning, the 25 year old shook her head, clearing her thoughts of the young Deputy Headmaster. Her head had to be completely clear of him for her to be able to concentrate on her class. She didn’t have much of a lesson planned. Brooke was going to throw random muggle objects out to the class, and see how much they knew about them. A few of her students knew more than others, so Brooke would be giving them the harder objects.

Brooke grasped the banister, walking down the stairs to the third floor. She passed a few students on the way to the corridor, and greeted them with a smile. She hoped they were on their way to class. Brooke would hate to be that professor and give them detentions. That was the good thing about teaching Muggle Studies. The students couldn’t really do anything that would earn them a detention. Brooke turned down the hall that had the classrooms in it, and pushed open the door to the Muggle Studies classroom. She propped the door open with a small palm tree pot plant, and made her way down the rows of desks to the large desk that was hers. It was covered in different books about muggles, along with several different muggle objects. Brooke placed her wand down on her desk, and pulled out the chair. She cast a quick look around the classroom before taking a seat. She pointed her wand at the blackboard that was beside her desk, the words ‘Muggle Studies 101’ appearing on it as if they had been written there in chalk.

Now all she needed was her students.

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