A cookout under the crying galaxy [open]

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A cookout under the crying galaxy [open] Empty A cookout under the crying galaxy [open]

Post  Guest on Mon Jun 01, 2009 10:14 pm

He knew it was probably against the rules indirectly, some sort of misconduct, or perhaps bribery, but it was an event Stephen wasn't going to miss for the world. It was something he would likely never see again, an event so charged with magic who knew what fortune it might bring. Hiking along the rocks of the shore, nothing could keep him from it.

He had paid a house elf for a pot, pan, potatoes, and a slab of beef. And also a promise of silence, a little extra part of the deal that might land Stephen in hot water eventually, but this was so worth it. And now, not an hour later, he was on the cliffs hauling it all in a gunnysack, individually wrapped of course, seeking out the flat spit of rock bearing his initials, as well as those of Artemis wrapped in a heart, unnecessary memory of past fun turned to present unease. But no need to dwell on the had-been, time for the here-and-now.

Stephen recognized the scrape marks of the surface before spotting the initials. Minor graffiti with not much chance of lasting another year. He’d have to redo them. Setting down his gear, he scrounged around the surrounding area for dry wood, weathered by the cliff’s unmerciful conditions. He would need enough to go for a while, plenty extra in case things went late. Then he went to work building a small pyre, enough room for both the pot and pan. He flicked out his wand and spoke, “Incendio!” lighting the twigs under the cookware.

Stephen then turned his attention to the pot, mercifully empty, and flicked his wand again, “Aguamenti!” filling it two-thirds with clear water. As it began to boil, he dumped in his load of sliced potatoes, as per his instructions for the house elf. Producing a spoon from the sack he began to stir. The potatoes would take longest, but good Irish-grown spuds were worth it. It would be time to start on the steak soon.

Anxiously looking to the western sky, the sun was slowly beginning to set. In less than an hour’s time, it would be gone and dark enough to see the event Stephen had trekked all the way out here for: a natural meteor shower, an event so rare it was worth all the risk to see it from this perfect vantage point. As he lay his steak into the pan, he wondered what others were up to for this event. Sure there were students in the castle’s towers, particularly the astronomy tower with high intensity telescopes, but this, this was Stephen’s Place.


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A cookout under the crying galaxy [open] Empty Re: A cookout under the crying galaxy [open]

Post  Emily Sophia Adams on Tue Jun 09, 2009 3:16 pm

Emily wasn't exactly one to ignore her nice cosy bed when she was tired, just like many other sane people. Although, she had been wanting to sit out and watch the shower and actually catch it on her camera for the first time. Even though Emily preferred being in front of the camera most of the time, this was definitely something she wanted to see first hand. She could always try and get herself in it... somehow. Walking down to the cliffside in a pair of grey trainers, some dark loose trousers and a long sleeved black t-shire with a zipped bright hoodie over the top was what she had decided upon that evening. Emily wasn't expecting to see anyone, if she did they weren't expected and weren't very important. The sole reason of her arrival was for the shower and by no means was she to miss it.

Stopping short, she stood back a few steps, behind a tree, to line up a short. It was pretty dark but from where she was standing, she wanted to see if she could get a good shot. Emily was far enough away that as she placed her camera on the horizon to adjust the focus and try to get a good picture, she managed to catch someone in her practice shot. Frowning, Emily rolled her eyes, they weren't supposed to be there. They weren't allowed to be out, although neither was she, if poncy Cory got whoever it was, no doubt he would march up to her and tell her where to go, Emily would just tell him where to get off. She was desperate for her shot.

Taking a deep breath, Emily walked closer to the cliffside, making out a barbeque and some sort of food in the pot. "What are you doing?" Emily asked, eyebrow raised, camera hanging around her neck, while her head was tilted at a slight angle. She was curious, it was late and there was no one else around, they were alone, cooking. That was strange in itself. Emily didn't like being alone, but no one wanted to stay up for something like this just for her to take pictures. But. Cooking at this time!? Wasn't dinner enough? Emily looked up at the dark sky, it was clear, the stars all present and accounted for. Had she paid much attention in astronomy she would have been able to find a few but, she had more important things to do, at that time and right now. Stars were not terribly important.

Emily decided not to ask Stephen, who she believed to have met previously in another strange encounter, whether he was staying for the meteor shower. It was in her experience that, merely mentioning in passing whether they were to stay for the same reason as you that they would, unnecessarily feel obliged to sit with you. Considering that she was all alone, it was irritating and hardly something Emily wanted. Who would want some blabbermouth sitting next to them while she was concentrating? Of course, if the blabbermouth was her then, it was an obvious everyone. However, everyone else, it was no one, apart from possibly Alec. Unless he was in 'Dani-mode', talking incessantly about every stupid thing that Emily had heard a hundred times before.

It was certainly not a good idea to ask someone if they were staying for the same reason as you. For this reason, Emily just flicked back her hair, and dropped down to the earthy floor, waiting if not for the meteor shower then for Stephen to leave her in peace.
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A cookout under the crying galaxy [open] Empty Re: A cookout under the crying galaxy [open]

Post  Guest on Fri Jun 12, 2009 7:29 pm

The delicious scent of seared meat filled Stephen’s nostrils, intoxicating, mouth-watering, he just couldn’t wait! Sparks crackled in the kindling, their energy warming the cool night air settling over the cliffs. Sizzles came from the steaks in the pan. ‘Must almost be time to flip them by now,’ he thought to himself, sprinkling some salt and pepper over the meat. He looked over at the boiling potatoes, listening to the gurgling of the bubbles of steam pouring over the edges of the pot. They would take a little longer yet.

A flicker, and not from the fire either. Something or someone was over by the few trees out on the rocky cliff. Stephen looked up, a nervous feeling in the pit of his stomach. He wasn’t technically supposed to be out here, not at night. If it was an administrator, he was in trouble, but they must have seen him and his fire by now. Sighing, he went back to tending the steaks, giving them a flip, just to wait out his impending discovery.

“What are you doing?” To Stephen’s immense relief it wasn’t a professor. It was little Emily Sophia Adams, the shortest seventh year at Oasis Hill. As he looked up, he thought about the situation he was in: it was dark, curfew was in effect, he was on the cliffs, he had a fire going, was cooking steaks and potatoes, and there was going to be a meteor shower in the next hour. Not exactly everyone’s common school night agenda.

Stephen smiled and decided to play it cool. This was just him being himself. “Hello to you too Miss Emily Adams.” He noticed her camera and put on a coy smile; he was going to be playful here. “Well, I heard you were coming out to the cliffs to photograph the meteor shower and thought I’d provide you with a picnic dinner of steak and potatoes.” He flashed a big goofy smile as she sat down next to his fire. She unfortunately, did not seem to be likely amused by his actions.

He turned back to the steaks, deciding they were done enough. It was lucky he had brought so much, he would feel selfish and foolish eating all by himself with a pretty girl in his midst. Stephen searched his gunnysack and found to his surprise three sets of plates and cutlery. Deciding it was just luck that he house elf had packed extra, he pulled out two of the sets and placed them on top of the sack. He then speared the steaks with a fork and put them onto the two plates. Next he fished out a piece of potato, decided they were done and began pouring the water over the fire, being careful not to lose any of the spuds while doing so. Plumes of steam rose into the night sky as he divided up the potatoes onto the plates.

“I think it will be much more spectacular to see the meteor shower without the fire burning near our eyes, particularly if you are to be taking pictures.” Stephen smiled again as he offered the second plate to Emily.


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A cookout under the crying galaxy [open] Empty Re: A cookout under the crying galaxy [open]

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