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Post  Brooke Gaiman on Sun Jun 21, 2009 3:05 am

Brooke Amanda Gaiman,

What on earth is wrong with you, Brooke? For three out of the five years Lauren has been alive, she has been living with me. And where have you been? Gallivanting around Amorcya Island, teaching someone else's kids about muggles. Well, do you know what I think, Brooke? I think it's about time you taught your own daughter about muggles. About everything, in fact. The girl needs her mother, Brooke. I'm sending her to Oasis Hill Academy to live with you. She'll be there in time for the annual carnival. You can take her. Won't that be nice?

Now, I've already cleared everything up with Headmaster Chapman. He'll be adding an extra room onto your living quarters for Lauren. He'll also have a house elf watch her during class time or you can take her to class with you. But I swear, Brooke, if you leave that child with a house elf for more than six hours a day, I will be down there faster than you can blink. You take good care of my only granddaughter, do you understand me? If I even get ONE complaint, I will take that child away from you so fast.

I hope you're well.

Lots of love,

Brooke Gaiman
Brooke Gaiman

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