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Cbox Alias: Frankie
Full name of active characters: Danielle Hale, William Baker, Emily Sophia Adams

Characters Full Name: Jacob Christopher Lawson
Date of Birth: 22nd February 1995
Nationality: Australia

Age: 17
Year: Seventh
House: Othello
prefect/Head Boy or Girl: N/A
type of student: normal
wand: Walnut, runespoor fang, 12 1/4" - Jake dabbled with dark magic when he was younger and although he found it a good release it didn't make him feel any better. He realised how wrong it was and soon changed his ways, although sometimes he still feels tempted.
special abilities: None.
species: Human.


Jacob Lawson Penn
played by: Penn Badgley

    Jake has thick dark hair, that he doesn't care about if it's messy or not. Sometimes he grows it out, when he gets bored, it goes curly and even thicker and once it gets just about his collar he chops it all off again. Jake’s eyes are a hazel-brown, and look like they’re just one colour unless you look closer and see a few swirls of honey. He can get a little stubbly on his face when he can’t be bothered to shave, Jake usually does unless he’s rushing around for some reason. He’s a little conscious of his ears as they stick out a tiny bit.

    Jake doesn’t mind working out every so often, he enjoys it although isn’t bothered if he skips out for a week or so, so long as he looks good. He doesn’t think he’s one of the ugliest around and thinks he’s towards the top end of the scale with his friends. He’s tall and doesn’t look gangly or wirey, just the right size. He believes he keeps fit a lot, and although he doesn’t exactly wear tight tops, people can still see something.

Other features:
    Jake is convinced that his right eye is squinty, which makes it look smaller than his left. Only when he’s not smiling or really doing anything does it seem most obvious but usually it’s not seen at all.

Height: 6”4
Weight: 153lbs
    Jake doesn’t mind, so long as it fits, doesn’t make him look like a dork and is comfy. His favourite item of clothing is his jeans, which he wears the most outside of class. Jake really doesn’t like shirts, he thinks they’re uncomfortable and much prefers t-shirts. Only when forced will he wear a shirt.

Character Individuality

    Dark magic
    Being right
    His friends
    Broom cupboards
    His wand

    People who think they’re right
    Girls who play games
    Dumb people
    Goody-two-shoes people
    Girls who think they own the place
    Mushy couples

A friend’s view towards your character:
(ex. “Elaine is a delightful girl, who gives so much to the needy, and is the best friend I could ever want!”)
    “Jake can be a nice guy, he’s just a little edgy sometimes. He enjoys having a laugh and is really laid-back. The only thing he takes seriously are his friends, and those aren’t just anyone, his really close friends he would do anything for. I never used to give this guy the time of day until he finally started talking to me and whatever. He’s a cool guy and I forgive him for his past.”

An enemies view towards your character:
(ex. “Elaine is a silly little rich-kid who is ridiculously rude to anyone who isn’t her friend. It makes me sick to my stomach thinking about her!”)
    “Oh god. That idiot. He really needs to get a life. Jacob is so up himself it isn’t even funny. It freaks me out that he was into dark magic when he was younger, if he was then, who’s to say he’s changed now? I’ve tried getting to know him but he’s just a real big ass who needs to grow up. He graduates at the end of the year!”

Patronus: Alligator - Aggression, survival, adaptability. Cunning, deceptive.
Mirror of Erised: To be truly happy
Boggart: To lose everything he ever worked for – a family, EVERYTHING.

Character History

parents: Judy Hawksworth– Works in the ‘Improper Use of Magic Office’ while her ex-husband James Lawson (deceased) was found to be supporting the Dark Lord when Jake was five. His father was an auror although had been persuaded to join the others ten years ago. Now, Jake has a step-father, Jonathon Hawksworth, who he despises and works in the same department as his mother.

siblings: One sister, ______ Lawson, sixth year, Aramia with a scholarship.

other notable relations: On his fathers side, who he still admires and respects, Uncle Frederick Lawson – who helped him learn dark magic, although he hasn’t seen him since his third year.

Favorite Memory(s):

    Jake was running past these older wizards in Woodberg until one of them called him back. They were talking about a dangerous artefact and he couldn’t help but be intrigued. He bought it for a few galleons, and later used it, although he didn’t kill anyone he almost did and never owned up to it. He loved the adrenaline rush he got, knowing he had the power to change something and it wasn’t harming the horrible wizard that he enjoyed, it was being congratulated by his uncle later on. He was told he was very proud of him. Jake couldn’t have been more happier at that point, until someone caught him cursing one of the professors magical creatures and he was ordered to see the headmaster.

Proof of Magical Powers:
    Jacob’s father was sitting with him, while making potion and keeping an eye on his son. He stopped to stare off for a second, and Jacob took over, crawling over to his father at three years old and grabbing his wand. Making a puff of smoke appear over the small cauldron and, the potion was finished. The potion his father was making at the time, took days to make and his son had finished it in seconds – with the help of his wand. Although his father didn’t tell his mother. Jacob’s mother believes it was the levitating, a year later that is his first sign of magical powers.

History at School:
    Jacob was an awkward child, he was first taught dark arts in his second year and had been watching his uncle a couple of years before that. Jake liked pranking anyway so what he was being taught felt like a game to him anyway. In his third year he got into even more trouble and was caught and ordered to stop or be expelled. His mother was called in and after the headmaster explained his behaviour, his uncle was ordered to never speak to him again. Since then, he sometimes gets a letter in the holidays, rarely.

    He hasn’t turned back to his old ways, although finds it difficult when he is tempted. Jake has shown a knack for Defence Against the Dark Arts too, which his mother was a bit surprised at. He made friends but professors are a little wary of him sometimes although he is a pretty good person and has grown up a lot since he was thirteen.
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Your application has been approved by an administrator. Welcome to Oasis Hill Academy! I am honored to welcome you to this fantastic school.

Now that you have been accepted, please be sure to update the Face Claim. While you're at it, why not sign up for some classes or clubs and teams? You are also encouraged to create a washroom wall for yourself to see what rumours have been spread about you. Get those friendships and relationships started by making yourself a plot page.

Once you have done all of this, we encourage you to explore Oasis Hill Academy.

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