crashing a slumber party. [kyle, jared ; closed]

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crashing a slumber party. [kyle, jared ; closed] Empty crashing a slumber party. [kyle, jared ; closed]

Post  Alec Edwards on Wed Jun 24, 2009 10:08 pm

Alec was sitting on the third step of the entrance, waiting for Jared and Kyle to hurry their butts up and get down there. Honestly, how long did it take to pack clothes for one night and then get from the third floor to the first? Not very long. Alec would know. He’d timed it one day. If Jared and Kyle were on the fourth floor, then maybe they’d have something to complain about. Of course, the only reason why Alec was there so early was because he was only on the second floor, and he didn’t particularly care what clothes he’d thrown into his bag. To anyone just passing by, it would look like Alec was going on an overnight camping trip. That wasn’t entirely true, but it would be what Alec told anyone who asked. In actual fact, rumor had it that Gabrielle Amorcya was throwing a slumber party tonight. And a reliable source had told Alec that Gabrielle’s parents would be out of town. A perfect opportunity to crash the slumber party, and a good excuse to finally see Gabrielle’s house. Jared and Kyle had both seen it. Of course they had, they were dating the twins.

Alec let out an impatient sigh and tapped his foot against the off-white ivory step. He really hated waiting. It was bad enough waiting for Dani to get ready. It was even worse waiting for Dani who would usually be waiting for Gabrielle to get ready. Gabrielle took longer to get ready than anyone Alec knew. Apart from his mother, perhaps. She usually started getting ready about three hours before they needed to leave, and then she still wouldn’t be ready by the time they had to leave. Alec stretched out his legs and leaned back on his elbow, watching as a few students passed him to go to the Dining Hall. He ignored the looks they gave him. They were just jealous that they didn’t have girlfriends whose slumber parties they could crash. Alec let out another impatient sigh. Really now. He’d been planning this sleepover crash for a week, Jared and Kyle had plenty of time to get ready! What the hell was taking so long? Another impatient sigh was let out, and Alec crossed his legs and sat forward, turning his head slightly to see if anyone was coming yet. No, apparently not. “For the love of Merlin, hurry up”, Alec hissed, as if they could hear him.


A low snort came from Jared’s bed, and a lump shifted slightly beneath the blankets. The lump (which was already extremely close to the edge of the bed as it was) rolled over, and with a yelp, fell to the floor with a loud THUMP. Slowly, Jared rose to his knees, looking around to see if anyone had seen his fall. He heard a snicker from behind him, and snapped his head around, his gaze falling upon Kyle. Jared let out a sigh of relief. Thank Merlin it was only him. “This doesn’t leave the dorm”, Jared said, looking at Kyle with narrowed eyes. Kyle made a zipping motion across his mouth, pretended to lock it and throw away the key. Jared nodded. “That’s what I thought.” Frowning, Jared watched as Kyle threw clothes into a bag, his head tilted slightly. “Are you going somewhere?” he asked. Kyle raised his eyebrow at Jared, and something snapped in the back of his mind. Oh shit. They were supposed to be crashing Gabrielle’s slumber party tonight, weren’t they? Jared slapped his palm to his forehead, and climbed over his and Kyle’s beds until he came to the walk in wardrobe they shared.

As he threw clothes into a bag, Jared thought about the sleepover crashing plans they had. The plans hadn’t really included Jared going over to the mansion earlier that day, but he had. Would Michelle find it weird that he was there again? He knew Gabrielle wouldn’t particularly like having him in her room, and he just knew that that was where the slumber party would be. Not that it bothered Jared. He didn’t really care what Gabrielle thought. He was going to see Michelle, not Gabrielle. That was Kyle’s job. In Jared’s opinion, Gabrielle was only uptight because she was still a virgin. Maybe if she got laid, she wouldn’t be such a bitch. Jared was smirking to himself when he left the wardrobe, earning himself a questioning look from Kyle. “What? Like you don’t think about your girlfriend while you’re in the wardrobe. Jeez.” That comment earned him another questioning look, but Jared ignored it. “Come on, we’re late to meet Alec.”

crashing a slumber party. [kyle, jared ; closed] Babysig2
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crashing a slumber party. [kyle, jared ; closed] Empty Re: crashing a slumber party. [kyle, jared ; closed]

Post  Kyle Chapman on Fri Jul 10, 2009 12:12 am

Kyle stood pushing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt into a small bag. He needed to see Gabrielle. He was getting to a point now, that even though he had fun with the guys, he needed to have fun with her. The fun he had with Gab was different than the fun he had with the guys. And if he was honest with himself, he'd rather have fun with Gab. He pulled the shirt he already had in his bag out and let the bag fall. He wanted to wear it now. Merlin, he was just as bad as a girl sometimes. He could just hear Ruby. He rolled his eyes and pulled another shirt out of the wardrobe and stuffed it in, throwing the old shirt into a pile. That was when he heard a loudish thumb from behind him. He turned and saw Jared poking his head up by his bed. He laughed and zipped his mouth shut.

When Jared asked about if he was going somewhere he raised his eye brows. Obviously seeing (and having sex with) Michelle earlier had made Jared forget that the guys were sneaking into the slumber party they were having. He walked back over to his bed, letting the bad rest on the floor. He pulled his shoes on over his socks. He glanced up as Jared was leaving the wardrobe with a smile on his face. Once again he raised his eyebrows at his best friend, wondering what the hell was wrong with him. He shrugged at the, thinking about the girlfriend in the wardrobe comment, only because if he were to answer he'd have to say yes. Because he had been doing it, not five minutes ago.

Kyle lead the way down to the entrance hall. Once he got close enough to Alec he poked his back with the toe of his shoe, getting his friends attention. "Wait long?" He laughed and continued down the last few steps.

crashing a slumber party. [kyle, jared ; closed] Kylesig
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