Meeting place Robyn and friends? idk!

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Meeting place Robyn and friends? idk!

Post  Emily Sophia Adams on Fri Jul 31, 2009 1:51 am

Emily was smiling, slipping on her jeans; she was getting ready to go to the carnival. It would be fun to get out to Woodberg. It felt like ages since she had been out with friends, Emily was meeting Robyn too. It would be nice hanging out with her; it was annoying having her in a completely different house. None of her other friends were in Malvolio, but none of the others were like her at all so perhaps it could be seen as a good thing. She didn’t know if they would meet up with the whole group later but it was going to be fun just the two of them. Chat about the holidays and talk about what had happened so far. It was a shame she wasn’t going with a date like some people, Ruby had been asked by Jake which Emily thought was quite sweet. She could see how they were meant for each other, even if Ruby didn’t see it.

Emily didn’t know if she should have invited Jasper Emerson; get to know him a little better. Merlin knows she tried but she didn’t want to freak him out, he had his own friends… somewhere. She hadn’t spoken to Robyn in a while so it would be cool to hang with her best friend, have a laugh. Enjoy the rides; the food and seeing some people make idiots of themselves. Emily walked out of the Othello common room, she had asked Robyn to meet her at the entrance, and she assumed that would be easiest, no matter how hectic. People would be entering and leaving the common room and it would be difficult trying to find each other in Woodberg, so it was the only simple suggestion Emily could come up with. Just the two of them, eh? Emily still couldn’t get over it.

She didn’t know if there was a time that she hadn’t been round more than just one person for a whole evening, more often than not, Emily met up with people later on with that same person. It would be quiet. It was her best friend so it wouldn’t be completely awkward, Emily wanted to hear all about how Malvolio was. She was still filled with curiousity about the house, it wasn’t one she had ever heard much about, quietly laying under the radar just like it’s house…people. Malvolio was known for it’s amount of characters, so many people that all wanted to be something big.

They had ambition, it was scary sometimes how much they just expected. Emily hadn’t known anyone like Robyn before, she had her own dreams anyway. She wanted to be a designer but she didn’t want to be, for example, the Minister of Magic or someone famous. Well, fame would come if her designs were a success so Emily supposed that was on the agenda after all. Still, Emily was no where near to feeling how Robyn felt about it, that was probably why she was in Othello after all.

She was so used to being around everyone, that just one person could probably mean she would be able to hear her own thoughts for once. As long as she had fun, she laughed it would be fine. Merlin knew she could do with a laugh. Emily descended the stairs quickly, her hair flying loosely about her, glancing around for her familiar friend, she couldn’t see Robyn anywhere but it was quite busy, everyone meeting one person or another. Smiling, Emily waited patiently for Robyn to arrive. It was only 8 after all.
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