A little holiday, after a rock festival and some work

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A little holiday, after a rock festival and some work

Post  Danielle Hale on Thu Aug 20, 2009 3:41 pm

Hello everyone!!

I just wanted to say that next friday (28th) I won't be around because I'm going to a festival! I'm so excited! Camping in a field surrounded by teenagers I don't know! (My bestie is coming too not to worry Wink ) O_O I'm staying the whole weekend and it's going to be totally epic. Be prepared for weird piccies later!

After that I'm going with her and her family to Cornwall so I won't be around for the whole week plus, I'm sorry Ree but that place has AWFUL reception, so I'll be lucky to call my mum at all that week!!

Unfortunately, after that, like... two days after that school starts. Well. College.. or high school for most of you? I have no idea. Anyway, it's my last year before uni, so I need to work my socks off. I got my results today and... it doesn't look so good. I'm retaking two out of three of them and it's made me consider a career change and made me feel pretty crap about myself anyway. A whole year to be told I'm rubbish at a subject! Like I need that! Anyhoos, just a message to say that I won't be as active. When I'm not at college working my butt off, I'll be at home, with an even worse social life than now, confined to my room to do all the homework in the world and more.

This also means that my computer time will be at a minimum, I am on facebook - my social life pretty much ends there from september, whatever. This does not mean I really have the time for tags at all. You all know how long they take to write anyways so bear in mind it might take me a while but I DO READ EVERYTHING! Smile

I am still an admin, I will of course be in contact with Ree and Ren still. Otherwise I don't think I'd be able to cope without Ree invading my brain all the time!

I know we are all busy at the moment, I think everyone understands how hectic our lives can be so this is my head's up for the moment. I will be around, don't worry. I couldn't leave this place! I love it too much. I'll be lurking in the shadows when you least expect it!! (Mwahaha)

Anyways, sorry if this seems like a rant I just feel really like... I'm not good enough at the moment and it's not a nice feeling when you have nerdy friends worrying about their lowest grade which turns out to be a C which is you're best. So.. yeah. I'm probably sounding horrible at the moment, but underneath that is the Frankie you all know and... love I hope!

So <333333333333333333333333333


P.S. I'm totally around this week so if anyone gets anytime for tags I'll try and fit them in this week and beginning of next.


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