Always waiting, waiting and waiting [ruby closed]

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Always waiting, waiting and waiting [ruby closed] Empty Always waiting, waiting and waiting [ruby closed]

Post  Jacob Lawson on Sun Sep 27, 2009 5:38 am

Jake smiled, he was glad that Ruby wasn't running away from him, at least for the moment. She had dragged him all the way from the bathroom up to her dorm, and now he was just standing there unsure of what to do. He did wonder why she had suggested her dorm, in any other situation it wouldn't have been weird but now, it was just really awkward. Ruby was sitting on the bed still in her white robe looking like it was just as awkward for her as it was for him. Jake wasn't sure if he really should've spilled the beans or not, now she looked like that. Jake shook his head, no of course not, he wasn't going to regret it, if Ruby didn't want to be with him then that would be that.

"Rubes?" Jake looked up at her, staring at her waiting for her to say something. "You said I was distracting you, talk about torture" Jake gestured to what she was wearing, he could only imagine. Jake sighed, he had to concentrate, he was starting to daydream. He rubbed his eye and walked closer to Ruby. "Well?" He moved next to her on the bed, bouncing the mattress slightly when he sat down. "What do you want? I'm all ears" He leant back on his hands, looking up at the ceiling and all around the room, waiting for Ruby to say something. Would it always be like this? Him waiting for Ruby all the time, it had to be her way or no way. At least until she came round to the idea.

Always waiting, waiting and waiting [ruby closed] Pb-1-1-1
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