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Headline: Missing doughnut!! [open] Empty Headline: Missing doughnut!! [open]

Post  Danielle Hale on Sat Oct 10, 2009 1:44 pm

Dani frowned, staring at the empty space on the mantelpiece, where she had placed a plate ten minutes ago. She looked around the common room quickly and couldn’t see anyone scoffing her doughnut. There had been a batch of them in the common room and of course she had taken hers, and now? It had disappeared! Dani licked her lips, as she watched her friends slowly devour their own. Could they have taken hers by mistake? It didn’t make sense, just ten minutes for hers to go? Who could take it so quickly and without even asking!

That was the last time she ever went to chat to first years, they probably purposely distracted her just for her doughnut. “Who stole my doughnut!?” She said loudly, turning around the room, trying to find the culprit. It couldn’t have been the first years, surely not!? “Someone must’ve at least moved it! There were only enough for one each anyway!” She muttered indignantly, folding her arms and shaking her head.

Dani stared at the spot that her doughnut had previously occupied, just imagining the raspberry jam inside, the sugar covering her hands. She was really missing out and was desperate for her doughnut now. Not a doughnut, HER doughnut. Whoever took it, was going to be in [u]big[/] trouble. It wasn’t as if she had them all the time, it was a nice treat she had been looking forward to. Some greedy wizard… or witch had other ideas!

Headline: Missing doughnut!! [open] Babysig2
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Headline: Missing doughnut!! [open] Empty Re: Headline: Missing doughnut!! [open]

Post  Kyle Chapman on Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:29 pm

Kyle watched as people hurried around and picked doughnuts. He would be lying if he said he didn't hurry to grab a good one, one with chocolate and sprinkles. Yes, he liked sprinkles. Anyways, he noticed Dani picking one and placing it on the mantelpiece. He started to make his way over to her, figuring this would be a perfect time to catch up with one of Gabs friends, also he liked Dani. She was fun to hang out with. It wasn't until he saw Dani get distracted by some first years, when he saw an opportunity to mess with her. He went behind her and picked up her plate. He still had his doughnut plate in his hand, but hadn't had time to stuff the doughnut into his mouth yet. He placed Dani's plate somewhere, where NO ONE would find it, and began to slowly eat his own doughnut.

He wondered around the common room, talking to a couple people here and there. He didn't want it to be completely obvious that he took her doughnut. When he heard Dani call out loudly about who had taken her doughnut he smiled just slightly and decided to actually do what he had planned to. "Hey, Dani!" He made his way back over to the young woman and smiled brightly. "Are you sure you didn't already eat it?" He stuff the last bite of his doughnut into his mouth and ate it quickly.

"Did the first years take it?" He asked innocently, pointing over two a group of first years that were still eating their own doughnut. He planned on giving it back, he just wanted to bug her a little first.

Headline: Missing doughnut!! [open] Kylesig
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Post  Guest on Tue Jan 05, 2010 5:53 pm

Stephen had been perched in a poufy, overstuffed chair with a favorite horror thriller when the tray appeared in the Aramia common room. What had been an empty table the last time he looked up was now covered in an enormous tray with the greatest assortment of doughnuts he had ever seen! The only reason he had noted the change was the distinct change in volume of the room, as people were now flocking from their dormitories to get the best pastries.

Quickly closing his book, Stephen leapt off the chair to obtain a choice doughnut: chocolate covered with custard filling, “Mmmm!” Marveling at his luck, Stephen headed back to his chair, book still reserving the spot. Sitting down, he noted other people and their choices in fried pastry: Dani had a sugar-coated one with raspberry filling on her plate; Kyle Chapman was drooling over a chocolate frosting and sprinkles ring. Stephen set his own plate on the arm of the chair, not quite ready to tuck into it.

Flipping to his most recent page of The Cycle of the Werewolf, a muggle book by Stephen King, supposedly based on a story King had heard between two drunken wizards in an Eastern Europe pub. Little did King know it was actually true, having been covered up by wizard authorities. Stephen was about to reach for his doughnut to enjoy a satisfying first bite when he heard a raised voice above the general chatter nearby. Lifting his eyes from the page he noted Dani accosting a group of first years.

“Who stole my doughnut!? Someone must’ve at least moved it! There were only enough for one each anyway!”

As she searched the room, Stephen noticed Kyle join in. "Are you sure you didn't already eat it? Did the first years take it?"

Stephen looked at his own doughnut, still untouched on the plate. He didn’t need it, did he? “Nahhh.” Once again vacating his chair Stephen crossed the room, plate in hand, to where Dani and Kyle were searching. A gesture of good will couldn’t be passed up. Holding out the plate, he put on a kind smile.

“Couldn’t help but overhear that you misplaced your doughnut. I thought you might like mine, it has custard filling…”


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Headline: Missing doughnut!! [open] Empty Re: Headline: Missing doughnut!! [open]

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