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A Light Workout [open] Empty A Light Workout [open]

Post  Guest on Tue Jan 05, 2010 5:07 pm

As he opened the door to the dark walk-in closet, John pulled his wand from the back pocket of his jeans. "Lumos," he muttered, a soft glow emanating from the tip of his wand. Finding his trunk, he hefted the heavy lid open. It had to be in here somewhere, although his trunk was a sizeable one, it couldn't be buried too deep...got it! A tiny smirk lifted the ends of his mouth into a smile as he pulled out his heavy red duffle bag.

Tossing it onto his king-sized bed, John unzipped the top, revealing his grappler's gear: wrestling singlet, ear guards, gigantic black boxing gloves, specially gripped shoes, athletic shorts, mouth guard, wrist braces and multiple rolls of hand tape. This time he was only after the tape and braces. He had no need for anything else just to lift some weights. But those were still in the closet yet.

John meticulously wrapped his wrists and knuckles in the tape, an extra strong brand that still had a tendency to rip when he went to work. Slipping on and securing the wrist braces, he grabbed his wand again and headed back to the closet. Still lit, he only needed one more box, the heaviest of all his belongings, but it was the contents not the coated oak material that it owed its mass to.

Quickly spotting it, John carried the box to his bedside and flipped open the lid, revealing the three items. The first two were great hunks of lead, crudely shaped into dumbells. Even John didn't know how much each of them weighed, they were custom-made, but it was easily over one hundred-fifty pounds each. Setting them on the floor, he pulled out the third (and unexpected) item: his hunting knife with the elk antler handle. He didn't know how it found its way into this particular box, but John didn't mind.

Carefully setting down his knife, John picked up a dumbell in each hand. Controlling his breathing, John sat down on the edge of the bed, curling his elbows and hefting the weights. A satisfied smirk ran across John's face as his biceps bulged with each lift.


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