News of the day {Will, Brooke, Dani - closed}

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News of the day {Will, Brooke, Dani - closed} Empty News of the day {Will, Brooke, Dani - closed}

Post  William Baker on Thu Jan 07, 2010 1:35 am

Will could hardly contain his excitement, although there was that slither of nervousness that kept making him look at Brooke just to check that she knew just what she was doing. Smiling at her, he held her hand and knew that he was making the right descision.. Will had never been more certain with anything else in his life.

He loved Brooke Gaiman and knew that no more could happen while they were both at Oasis Hill Academy. He had discussed other options with Brooke and of course Lauren was involved wholly in that. There was a large smile on his face and as he looked out the window. They were only in The Drunken Elf, looking out for Brookes niece, Danielle Hale. They were going to tell her something very important.

Seeing her familiar face, Will turned back to Brooke, “Ready?” The door opened and Dani emerged, face red. Something had obviously happened but what that was, he wouldn’t know. So long as it wasn’t another lover’s spat. He was sick of all of those, students gossiping. Dani walked up to their table, a small smile and a hello sent his way. “Butterbeer?” Dani nodded, and he walked away to leave Brooke talking to Dani.

Ordering a butterbeer from the bartender, he glanced back at Brooke. He couldn’t believe his luck, who would think that he would fall in love and he was just so happy with it all. Will would never have thought in a million years that he would care about one person so much, she meant everything to him. Brooke was perfect.

Thanking the bartender he handed him a couple of sickles and walked back to the table, giving Dani her butterbeer. Will looked at Brooke, waiting for her to make the first move, surely it made sense for Brooke to tell Dani the good news or possibly bad in Dani's eyes.

Well, love is insanity.
News of the day {Will, Brooke, Dani - closed} Sigbrookeandwill
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