{Business}Kane Ramsay{is booming!}

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{Business}Kane Ramsay{is booming!} Empty {Business}Kane Ramsay{is booming!}

Post  Guest on Tue Jul 27, 2010 7:20 pm

Kane Ramsay



Best of Friends from Disney's Fox and the Hound

Close Relationships-
{When that moment has passed}
{You're such a funny pair}
{Life' a happy game}
{Sharing all that you discover}
Good Friend
{You could clown around forever}
Bossom Buddies
{Neither one of you sees your natural boundaries}
Partner In Crime
{Oh I hope, I hope it never ends}
Best Freind

Crazy on You by Heart

Intimate Relationships-
{No way to breathe easy no time to be young}
{Crazy on you}
{So afraid of one who's so afraid of you}
Mutual Crush
{The pleasure's mine}
{Sang you the song that I heard up above}
{You kept me alive with your sweet flowing love}
Serious Relationship
{My love is the evenin' breeze, touchin' your skin}
True Love

Enemy by Drowning Pool

Distant Relationships-
{Though felt I never let the words begin to spill}
Slight Dislike
{Never want to be your enemy}
Love/Hate relationship
{I walk the high road away from you}
{This is the life I have}
{Walk away, you made an enemy}
{Labeled malcontent by bastards of descent}
{Make me sick 'til I can't breathe}
Arch Nemesis

Other Relationships-
{Stuck with you, through and through}
{We meet and greet}
{We can work it out}
Business Asociate

[b]Year and House:[/b]
[i]-or for non-students-[/i]
[b]Age and Occupation:[/b]
[b]Personality in 1 paragraph:[/b]

[b]Past Relationship:[/b]
[b]Present Relationship:[/b]
[b]Desired Future Relationship:[/b]
[b]Qualifications for Relationship:[/b]

[b]Outward Opinion of Kane:[/b]
[b]Inward Opinion of Kane:[/b]


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{Business}Kane Ramsay{is booming!} Empty Re: {Business}Kane Ramsay{is booming!}

Post  Emily Sophia Adams on Fri Oct 01, 2010 1:46 pm

Name: Emily Sophia Adams
Year and House:
-or for non-students-
Age and Occupation: 18, bartender
Personality in 1 paragraph: Emily finds it difficult to sit still, she is always thinking of something to do or is already doing it. She doesn't like taking a back seat in life and loves being the centre of attention when it's in a positive light at least. Emily loves just being with her friends when she just laughs the whole time with them. She can also be very expressive with her clothes, they show how she's feeling most of the time. Emily absolutely loves taking pictures. Of anything and everything, with her pride and joy, her camera.

Past Relationship: Acquaintance
Present Relationship: Associate, attraction.
Desired Future Relationship: Friend (?)
Qualifications for Relationship: Emily is beginning to work at The Highland, although she doesn't know Kane that well, considering he is of course her employer but she's just not known him very long either.

Outward Opinion of Kane: "He's my boss and I'm doing my job. Kane's a nice guy and is a good enough boss too. We have a few things in common so I suppose we have a chat sometimes when it's quiet, we both know how to have a good party. I like a good laugh and Kane does too. I enjoy working there and the two of them are brilliant to work for. I think The Highland is such a success and just makes me want to achieve what I want even more! I've seen him with a few girls from time to time. It's a bit annoying especially when I see some of them and know he can do far better than that. Then again, I don't know him that well yet. So far, it's a pretty good relationship though!"

Inward Opinion of Kane: "He has such an eye on the girls is so surreal. Sadly I find it a little impressive, he reminds me of Jake a bit actually. He used to be a lot like that too! We've got a fair few things in common. I love that he's Scottish! His accent is hilarious and took me a while to get used to for a few days. All the strange words he uses was so confusing at first. Kane's a good laugh alot of the time I don't know if I would be able to take anything further. We may laugh a little too much sometimes and maybe push the boundaries a little... but. He's my boss so it will always be work colleagues I think. There can't be anything more because it's just so.... wrong!"

{Business}Kane Ramsay{is booming!} Zoek-1
Emily Sophia Adams
Emily Sophia Adams

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