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Cbox Alias: REE.
Full name(s) of active character(s): Oh, jeez. Gabrielle Amorcya, Alec Edwards, Brooke Gaiman, Ruby Marie Chapman, Blair Kendall (though considering dropping her), Jared Nelson.

Characters Full Name: Chad Wyler
Date of Birth: June 15th, 1990
Age: 22, turning 23
Nationality: Chad was born in Texas, America, though he came to Australia when he was 5 years old.

Position: Owner of the Drunken Elf

Wand: oak, 11” (kind of like what’s in his pants...), runespoor fang
Special abilities: He has an affinity with fire. Chad has taught himself how to create fire in the palm of his hand with wandless magic. He can throw this fire great distances, and when concentrating extremely hard, he can make his forearms erupt in flames without it hurting. He can also create the fire with a snap of his fingers.
Species: Human, although there may have been a Veela waaaay back in his family tree.


Wyler, Chad Chris-Evans1
played by: Christopher Evans

    Chad’s head is a very nice oval shape, though it is a bit stocky around where his jaws are. He has a full head of brown hair. He usually keeps it very short, however sometimes he will get lazy and allow it to grow longer. One thing that he never changes is his sideburns. Chad is a man who loves his sideburns. He makes sure they are the exact same length (reaching his earlobes), and makes sure they are neat, with no stray hairs flying about. His eyes are a gray/blue colour, more gray than blue. Chad’s lips are perhaps a bit too pink for his liking, but the woman seem to like them.

    Chad’s body, in his words, is “amazing”. He can find absolutely no faults with the body that he insists is, “perfection”. Chad spends a lot of time working on his body. His hard work has paid off with his perfectly toned body. He is proud to show off his pecks, and he is especially proud of his six-pack. The fact that he owns and works in a bar, and drinks regularly, seems to have no effect on his body, which is a relief to Chad.

Other features:
    Chad’s lips are not as symmetrical as he would like. The top lip is thinner than the bottom lip. His eyebrows are also bushy, though Chad believes he is “too much of a man” to have anything done about it.

Weight: 95.5kg (it’s all muscle, baby)
    Chad is mostly a “jeans and a tee” kind of guy. He does not like to dress up unless he absolutely has to. And the only time he “absolutely has to” dress up is when he is going to some fancy place to get into some girl’s pants.

Character Individuality

    .getting into their pants
    .naked girls
    .blonde girls
    .his bar
    .being the super stud he is
    .himself naked

    .school kids who come into his bar for a drink when they’re OBVIOUSLY underage
    .girls from the school that are hot but untouchable because they’re underage
    .people who get into fights in his bar
    .being rejected by a girl he’s trying to have sex with
    .the fact that the hottest professor at the school has a steady boyfriend and a child

A friend’s view towards your character:
    “Chad is a horndog. That’s the nicest way to put it. He likes sex, and he likes it a lot. Sometimes, he likes it a lot with multiple women. He has the libido of a rabbit, without the reproduction. Other than his manwhore ways, Chad is actually a pretty decent guy. He runs his bar extremely well. He gets a bit impatient with the drunks, but he never goes as far as a few harsh words. He’s decent to his employees, too. He’s not a relationship type of guy. He’s only had one or two serious relationships, and neither has ended well. So now he’s a “hit it and run” kind of guy.”

An enemies view towards your character:
    “Chad is a manwhore. He’s the kind of guy who is like, “We can have sex, but you can’t sleep at my house, and no I will not find you a way home.” His friends think it’s great, but us girls don’t! Any man who can’t settle down and have a real relationship with a woman is not worth our time.”

Patronus: Hungarian Horn Tail; Chad has never figured out why the most dangerous dragon is his patronus, but it is and he’s not about to complain about it.
Mirror of Erised: Being a wizard Hugh Hefner, though not as old, and not as creepy. Being surrounded by beautiful women who don’t mind sharing him and aren’t looking for anything too monogamous.
Boggart: Losing his good looks and charm.

Character History

parents: Frederick Lawson, 53 – deeply involved in the Dark Arts. Chad hasn’t seen his father in about five years, though that could be because Chad himself had been travelling for about five years.

Amanda Wyler, 49 – a sufferer of an extremely bad use of “Obliviate”. She is currently residing at St. Mungos. Although Chad visits her often, she has no memory of who he is, and believes him to be a “very nice young gentleman”.
siblings: Scott Wyler, 21 – currently partying it up in Las Vegas.
other notable relations: His cousin is Jake Lawson, who just graduated school and Chad has heard that he is living with some blonde girl. Commence “hitting on the blonde chick” sequence.

    Chad went to Oasis Hill Academy for his first five years of schooling and dropped out at the beginning of his sixth year. He believed he had learned all he was going to. He had completely mastered wandless magic, faster and earlier than most wizards. Upon leaving school, Chad was hired at The Drunken Elf as a waiter. He quickly moved up the ranks, becoming a bartender only a year after starting. When he was 21, the first owner of the bar died, and left the bar to Chad in his will.

Previous occupations:
    He has only ever worked at the Drunken Elf.
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