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Cbox Alias: Frankie
Full name of active characters: William Baker, Danielle Hale, Jacob Lawson, Emily Sophia Adams.

Characters Full Name: Charles Harrison Hale
Date of Birth: 12th February 1995
Nationality: Australia

Age: 18
Year: Outside Oasis Hill
House: Previously Othello
prefect/Head Boy or Girl: N/A
type of student: N/A
wand: Mahogany, 10”, hippogriff talon core
special abilities: Metamorphmagus, it emerged in him when he was just a few days old and his hair changed to bright red. His parents were surprised, but knew that it ran in the family. Although they thought Danielle would have it too, nothing happened to her.
species: Human


Charles Harrison Hale 3daa4_kutcher

played by: Ashton Kutcher

    Charlie has never changed his hair that much. The same hair colour, although you can always tell when he needs a haircut. His silky chocolate brown hair gets curlier and curlier and once it reaches his shirt collars, then he knows he needs to have a haircut. When it is trimmed he likes keeping it casual. Compared to the rest of him, Charlie doesn’t mind ‘messy’ hair. Charlie has quite thick eyebrows, that are only just above his eyes, as well as a large forehead. He has dark chocolate coloured eyes that could just stare at you for the longest time. Charlie has high cheekbones and likes to take care of his face, and keep clean. Sometimes he has a little stubble when he doesn’t shave for a couple of days but that’s not very often.

    Charlie has never had any complaints about his physique. He keeps in shape and used to be fairly competitive with his friends. He’s fairly tanned and loves sitting in the sun for long amounts of time. He has definite muscle and a little six pack but it’s probably not as obvious as other people. It could just be the fact he doesn’t show it off all the time.

Other features:
    Charlie is worried he will get a monobrow at some point if he isn’t careful, so is very meticulous with his grooming. He also thinks his ears are very small, childlike, except he can’t really do anything about that.

Height: 6”3
Weight: 158 lbs.
    Charlie just wears whatever’s in his wardrobe. His mother expects him to be smart, and that’s just what he does. A shirt, no ties although he loves jeans and is very picky about what he wears especially when he’s with his family. For some odd reason, he doesn’t want to anything to upset his parents his mum specifically, this means trying to be the angel child at all costs. In his attitude, his clothes and most importantly the people he hangs around with.

Character Individuality

    A tan.
    His friends.
    The Ministry.
    Parties he can really relax at.
    Playing quidditch, beater preferably.
    Determined people.
    Nice clothes.
    His ability.

    Not being the center of attention.
    Going against his parents.
    Not getting what he wants.
    Girls that play games.
    Dumb blondes.
    Poor people.

A friend’s view towards your character:
(ex. “Elaine is a delightful girl, who gives so much to the needy, and is the best friend I could ever want!”)
    ”I’ve known Charlie the whole time he was at Oasis Hill until he graduated. He loved messing with girls but still was looking for a serious relationship. He was always up for a laugh but when he was around people he didn’t know, or people that his parents were connected to he would completely change to this different person. I’ve never met his parents and he never really talks about them. I met his sister though, she’s hot! Although I think Charlie is quite protective of her, even without realizing. He’s just the guy that has everything”.

An enemies view towards your character:
(ex. “Elaine is a silly little rich-kid who is ridiculously rude to anyone who isn’t her friend. It makes me sick to my stomach thinking about her!”)
    ”I met him in his last year at Oasis Hill. We were getting on fine, laughing and joking and as soon as I said my name he just smiled and walked off. It was like I wasn’t important all of a sudden. One of my friends was in love with him for an entire year and she finally managed to talk to him at a party but he was just looking for a one night stand. She was so upset afterwards.

Patronus: Snake, he will do anything to survive.
Mirror of Erised: Becoming part of the ministry, and earning a lot of money. Someone is kissing him on the cheek and he has a big smile on his face, he just can’t make out the girl.
Boggart: He’s wondering around out on the streets, his wand broken and he’s wearing pretty much rags. Charlie has been disowned by his parents and no one so much as looks at him.

Character History

parents: (Kathryn Hale – Mother , famous actress, and Jasper Hale, quidditch beater for Puddlemere United.
siblings: Danielle Hale, a year younger than him and has just had his nephew, Matthew Edwards.
other notable relations: The people he aspires to be are no relations of his. They are either in the quidditch business, or in entertainment or modeling. No one very interesting to him at all.

Favorite Memory(s):
    His first girlfriend, Emma Bates. She was gorgeous, blonde and with him. Their parents were friends, and the relationship seemed too good to be true. She told him she loved him, and it was the happiest he ever felt. The rush of happiness and he realized how much he loved her. Everyone had noticed a change in him since they had been together. Although soon after this, she had to move away and eventually they lost contact. He has never forgotten his first ever love.

Proof of Magical Powers:
    When his hair turned red when he was born, his parents knew that he was both a metamorphmagus and a wizard. Soon after that everytime he was upset his face would turn purple. It only stopped once he learnt how to use it. Although his parents were very happy, they didn’t know how to help him with his ability. It ran in the family but there was no one alive to help. Even now, he still doesn’t have complete control.

History at School:
    From his first year he loved learning. Charlie wanted to be the best of the best, and made friends with whoever would get him there. He soon learnt which professors had a soft spot for him and who to be careful around. He enjoyed having his little sister around but she was very different.

    Charlie grew up quickly and before he knew it he was in his fifth year and grabbing any girl he wanted. Although this immediately stopped when he was in a relationship and when he realized that a lot of people were able to tell his parents what he was doing. Charlie loved potions and defense against the dark arts and these are probably the areas he is most skilled in. He remembers the last day at Oasis Hill Academy and it was one of the happiest and saddest times in his life.

    He was leaving his home but he was able to get on with his life goal. Charlie didn’t have many friends that he kept the whole time he was at Oasis Hill, although there were a few he had known from sixth year. It wasn’t a big deal to him, he lived in the moment at Oasis Hill. Out in the real world, he knew he had to make his real friends.

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