hungry like the wolf [caleb plots]

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hungry like the wolf [caleb plots]

Post  Caleb Edwards on Wed Oct 06, 2010 5:58 am

Caleb Edwards

i see the bad moon rising ;; annoyance
i see trouble on the way ;; one-sided dislike
i see earthquakes and lightning ;; slight dislike
i see bad times today ;; mutual dislike
don’t go around tonight ;; serious dislike
well it’s bound to take your life ;; love/hate relationship
there’s a bad moon on the rise ;; one-sided avoidance
i hear hurricanes ablowing ;; mutual avoidance
i hear the end is coming soon ;; friends turned enemies
i fear rivers over flowing ;; rivals
i hear the voice of rage and ruin ;; enemies
hope you got your things together ;; bad breakup
hope you are quite prepared to die ;; arch enemies

let’s get fucked up and die ;; strangers
i’m speaking figuratively, of course ;; just met
like the last time that i committed suicide, social suicide ;; awkward friends
yeah, so i’m already dead ;; new friends
on the inside, but i can still pretend ;; frenemies
with my memories and photographs, i have learned to love the lie ;; enemies turned friends
i wanna know what it’s like to be awkward and innocent, not belligerent ;; former friends
i wanna know how it feels to be useful and pertinent, and have common sense, yeah ;; average friends
let me in, let me in to the club, ‘cause i wanna belong ;; family friends
and i need to get strong ;; casual friends
and if memory serves, i’m addicted to words ;; partner in crime
and they’re useless ;; best friends

i’m wandering the streets ;; past attraction
in a world underneath it all ;; current attraction
but nothing seems to be ;; mutual attraction
nothing tastes as sweet as what i can’t have ;; flirtation
like you and the way that you’re twisting your hair around your finger ;; one night stand
but tonight i’m not afraid to tell you ;; friends with benefits
what i feel about you ;; one-sided crush
oh, i’m gonna muster every ounce of confidence i have ;; mutual crush
and cannon ball into the water ;; casual dating - no strings attached
i’m gonna muster ever ounce of confidence i have ;; serious dating - monogamous
for you, i will ;; in love
for you, i will ;; otp

[size=2][color=#CC0066 forgirls/#336600 forboys][b][u]namehere[/b][/u] - age|year|house[/color]
[b][color=#CC0066 forgirls/#336600 forboys]so, -insertnamehere- was like,[/color][/b] "what do you think of caleb?"
[b][color=orange]and then i was all,[/color][/b] "leave blank unless i have posted on your plot page"[/size][*/code]

Note: When posting on Caleb's plot page, please post a coded and a non-coded version, thanks.

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