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Cbox Alias: Frankie
Full name of active characters: Danielle Hale, William Baker, Emily Sophia Adams, Charlie Hale, Jacob Lawson, Evelyn Johnson

Characters Full Name: Maria Louise Raines
Date of Birth: 27th January 1998
Nationality: English- Born in Las Vegas.

Year: Fifth.
House: Othello.
prefect/Head Boy or Girl: N/A
type of student: Normal.
wand: 10 1/2" Holly with hair from the mane of a kelpie.
special abilities:
species: Human.


Raines, Maria Louise Melissa
played by: Melissa Marie

    Black hair. As black as black can get. Maria's hair is something she is very proud of and spends an hour doing it everyday if she wants it just right. Alot of hairspray goes into that hair. It's got to have height, volume, length and of course be completely straight. It's important to her for it to look good, and her hair cannot look the same as her sisters! Maria totally has a whole lot more height and length than her sisters hair. That's why Maria believes she looks slightly more better looking. Her eyes have to be outlined at all times with thick black eyeliner. It makes the eyes pop and is something she has done since she got into this whole look. Her face is a little bit rounded, with large cheeks and brown eyes.

    Maria definitely isn't short. Short people are like, 5'5" and under. An...ample chest that's balanced out by her hips, giving a little hourglass shape. She can tan but is rather pale most of the time. Maria has a little bit of a tummy, she's not too proud of it but it's not as if she has junk food all the time. She's not a big drinker either but whatever Maria does that little bump in her stomach is not going to be flat and super hot any time soon. She quite likes her legs, a bit on the short side compared to her torso which makes her a bit unbalanced. She doesn't suit boots because it just makes her legs look even shorter, and stuffing her into heels that are really too high would result in the most unladylike of looks. Maria wasn't particularly graceful.

Other features:
    Maria has a small mole right next to her nose on her left cheek. She's had it since birth, and thought it was quite ugly until she became a teenager. It became something that identified her, made her different and most importantly different from her twin sister.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 123lbs.
    Maria hates wearing the uniform, she loved cutting it up in the school holidays. It looks SO much better. When she's not wearing the ridiculously short skirt or the incredibly low cut shirt she's in rather different clothes to a lot of the other students. Bright colours, reds, blues and greens, pink! She's got a couple of pairs of her favourite ripped tights, little heels and cropped shirts with various band logos on. Maria always wears her bracelets on her wrist, lots of different beads that she tied together with string. Her hair is normally down, although in potions classes she has a side ponytail that's pretty much falling apart anyway. Maria is never found in boots, she likes dolly shoes with big bows, big bows in her hair or on her clothes.

Character Individuality

    -Loves potions.
    -Her twin sister.
    -Having a good time, especially at parties.
    -Being single, it's always so much better that way.
    -Secrets, when people don't know what's going on right under their noses, Maria finds it hilarious!
    -Playing the drums, she might not be very good but she's still learning.
    -Having the Minister of Magic wrapped round her little finger.
    -Oasis Hill Academy.
    -Hot days.
    -Loud music.
    -Making her own potions.
    -Her hair.

    -Her name, it's so posh and she's just...not! Nevertheless, she is still called Maria.
    -Drinking, it's not her favourite thing to do. Her sister is rather good at it.
    -Going to post events.
    -Staying with her parents.
    -Going to the Ministry.
    -Ella getting more attention than her.
    -People arguing with Ella.
    -Quidditch, it's so dull. Especially in the rain, just flying about on a broom chasing a ball. People should do something with a bit more skill.
    -People that think a little bit of money makes them better than everyone else, Amorcya twins.

A friend’s view towards your character:
(ex. “Elaine is a delightful girl, who gives so much to the needy, and is the best friend I could ever want!”)
    "Maria is crazy, just like her twin sister. They're both a right pair and are especially worst together. I don't know how their parents can put up with them all the time, they chat away to each other and when you can get a word in they're looking at each other like they're having their own private conversation. Maria is really nice though, if you're in her good books. When you want to go to her party, she has to know you'll be a laugh and a riot and she knows that you're not there to rat her out to TeenWitch or whatever. She's very talented in potions, it's impressive and rather scary the amount she knows. I know she's sneaked out a couple of times, I don't know how, or what she's done I just know when she gets back we all have a good night at the weekend!"

An enemies view towards your character:
(ex. “Elaine is a silly little rich-kid who is ridiculously rude to anyone who isn’t her friend. It makes me sick to my stomach thinking about her!”)
    "Little Maria the Ministers daughter trying to be a rebel? It's not going to work. Eventually when she leaves here she'll be all normal and 'boring' just like the rest of us and will probably get a job thanks to daddy. She has all these stupid parties with ridiculous amounts of alcohol and you can hardly move. I've heard her play the drums too, it was frightful. Maria is just another teenager trying to be so different that she looks just the same as everyone else, and don't get me started on her sister!"

Patronus: Owl- Maria has alot of patience, keen Sight, she can tell when people are being fake, is wise and has experience with the arts.
Mirror of Erised: Not to be introduced as the daughter of the Minister of Magic. To be her own person, to not be at all like her sister and to be just as successful by not being famous.
Boggart: Being in the public eye, in a ruined relationship with someone famous due to her father or her sister. Always watched without any privacy.

Character History

parents: Percival Winston Raines, 42 – Minister for Magic
Rosemary Elizabeth Raines, 42 - Housewife
siblings: Ella Grace Raines / fifth year girl / Othello [twin]
______ Raines / sixth year boy / Othello / prefect
______ Raines / seventh year boy / Aramia
______ Raines / outside OHA / Aramia
other notable relations: None that Maria knows.

Favorite Memory(s):
    Maria had been in the bathroom all day, everyone was out watching a quidditch match. Her cauldron was bubbling away, smoke billowing out every so often. There was the sound of bubbles, like it was boiling and Maria was adding the last ingredient. Ella had told her she had a terrible hangover and she was adamant that she was going to make a potion that would cure it immediately. Everyone would be wanting a piece of it! It started getting a bit smoky, Maria stirred her concoction a couple of times slowly and looked down at the notes she had made. The smoke began to clear and presented a blue liquid. Everything contained in that liquid was meant to clear headaches, reduce sensitivity to light and settle the stomach. Maria bottled it up to test later. She was so proud of herself, she hadn't even started a fire or blown up the dormitory!

Proof of Magical Powers:
    There was never a moment that Maria didn't believe she wasn't a witch. Her daddy was a wizard and she had seen him produce many spells and her mummy was a witch. So why wouldn't Maria be a witch? After thinking this Maria watched her father at a boring quidditch match and decided to copy him later. She began talking or rather projecting her voice quite impressively across the room, and through the entire house when she picked up her daddys wand.

History at School:
    Maria couldn't remember much of her first year, it was terrifying. She wanted to fit in, but she was one of the Ministers daughters. Maria decided, with the help of Ella to dye her hair from it's bright shining blonde that was practically a beacon of embarrassment in itself to black. Beautiful black. No one realised for a few weeks after they first started at the school. Although eventually the time away from the public wore off and students put two and two together. It didn't help when they had to have pictures taken for The Daily Prophet, in England. She found all sorts of people wanting to be her friend, even if they didn't like what she said. Maria just could tell who really liked her and who didn't and she hated all these fake people that wanted to know her just so they could say they knew the Ministers daughter, or to eventually meet the Minister himself. Maria was a little more prepared in her second year, she knew she needed her twin to stand by her.

    Students were like animals! Although once they realised what would keep them popular was having a good party. By inviting the cool people that would have a good time and not the losers Amorcya twins it meant that they could relax and have a good time with ....close acquaintances. Ella was really the alcoholic in the family, Maria just liked making potions that were prohibited. She liked showing off her talent, and making people happy and that's just what those drugs did.

    They came in the form of potions, normally Maria made them herself but sometimes she met up with others that gave different things to her. There was one particular potion that she was stuck on and couldn't stop taking no matter what. It kept her happy, confident even if it made her a bit tired every so often and she felt like she couldn't stand up all the time for a couple of hours after taking it. It was fine. That was in her fourth year. She felt like a little genius though.

    Maria had always acted out at big events and this latest, potions making was one of them. If people found out it would be something else to hold against the Minister. At parties she loved to prank the servers food, giving guests something that they least expected. Dragon dung was a favourite, but that was just when she was younger. Maria wasn't that childish now.

    She was looking forward to her fifth year, partying hard with her sister and enjoying her time at school until she had to go back home and please her parents by attending benefits and other charity fundraisers.

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Your application has been approved by an administrator. Welcome to Oasis Hill Academy! I am honored to welcome you to this fantastic school.

Now that you have been accepted, please be sure to update the Face Claim. While you're at it, why not sign up for some classes or clubs and teams? You are also encouraged to create a washroom wall for yourself to see what rumours have been spread about you. Get those friendships and relationships started by making yourself a plot page.

Once you have done all of this, we encourage you to explore Oasis Hill Academy.

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