Summer [Plots] loving had me a blast.

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Summer [Plots] loving had me a blast. Empty Summer [Plots] loving had me a blast.

Post  Summer Godfrey on Wed Jun 29, 2011 11:58 pm

Summer [Plots] loving had me a blast. 237679
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01. acquaintances
02. party friends
03. casual friends
04. roomies
05. good friends
06. joined at the hip [Best friends]*
07. family

08. one-sided crush
09. mutual crush*
10. past relationship
11. current relationship
12. bed buddies
13. otp*

14. creepy obsession in a stalker-like fashion
15. love-hate relationship
16. annoyance
17. ex-friends
18. rumor spreading and pranks
19. hate
20. enemies

(the one's with the * talk to me first :] )

[size=16][b][color=pink]NAME IF GIRL[/color][color=blue]NAME IF BOY[/color][/b][/size]  [b]|[/b] [size=13] RELATIONSHIP NUMBER/S HERE[/size]
[b]age/house/year.[/b] AGE/HOUSE/YEAR HERE
[b]history of characters.[/b] HOW'D THEY MEET? DID THEY ALWAYS LIKE EACH OTHER?
[b]tell me a secret[/b] LITTLE? BIG? YOU PICK!
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Summer [Plots] loving had me a blast. Empty Re: Summer [Plots] loving had me a blast.

Post  Ella Raines on Sun Jul 03, 2011 6:29 am

age/house/year. 15|Othello|Fifth
history of characters. Ella and Summer met in their first year. They were sorted into the same house, and were obviously going to room together. Once they had settled into the dorms, Summer, Ella and Maria had got to talking. Summer hadn't even realised who the twins were until a few weeks into term. When she found out, nothing changed between them. Summer told the twins point blank that she did not care who they were and who their father was. The three became inseparable after that. They were always up late at night talking and giggling like girls normally do. Ella and Maria hadn't really gotten along with the other two Othello girls, though Summer seemed more at ease talking to them. Ella and Maria preferred Summer. As they got older and Ella and Maria began to try different things, such as drinking, drugs, etc., Summer stuck by them, often being the one to stop them before things went too far. She had never seemed to mind what the girls were doing, though on occasion seemed a bit uncomfortable. Ella and Maria had never once tried to pressure Summer into doing any of the things they were doing, and though Ella took to the drug taking and alcohol drinking more than Maria did, Ella still never tried to force them into anything. If they didn't want to drink, more power to them.
tell me a secret Ella knows the risks of her alcohol and drug consumption. She has read all about them. Maria and Summer have both told her the risks, as well. However, she has always put on a brave face, telling them that she didn't care about the risks because she was having fun. Ella doesn't keep a lot from her best friends, but this she has kept a secret for as long as she'd been doing drugs and drinking. Ella is constantly scared for her health. She has had a few scares before, but so far nothing has come of it. Ella is careful to keep regular appointments with her doctor, under a false name. She is constantly checking herself for any irregularities, and unbeknownst to her friends, has been hospitalised several times for drug overdosing and alcohol poisoning.
thoughts. "I often find myself wondering how Summer came to be one of my best friends. When I think about how we are now, we're so very different. Maybe it's that whole, opposites attract thing. Summer is the more stable person of our little trio. She's always there to stop us before we do something stupid, and she's always there to hold my hair back when I'm throwing up from drinking too much. I know she's uncomfortable with my drug taking, my smoking and the amount of alcohol I consume, but she's never once tried to make me give it up. She knows that it's a part of who I am, though I'm sure I would have turned out a lot different if I hadn't have discovered that muggle drink, coffee, all those years ago. The amount of times I've been sent to Headmaster Chapman for cursing people who tell Summer that she only chills with Maria and I to "look cool" is ridiculous. I would have to grow another set of hands to be able to give you an exact number. Summer chills with Maria and I because we love her. She is amazing, and regardless of what people think, Summer is down to have a good time. She might not get drunk at our parties, but shit, that girl doesn't need alcohol to have a good time. And you know what? I think I'm really glad that Summer doesn't drink. She'd be a really different person if she did, and I don't think that person would be friends with someone like me. Because, let's face it. I'm a bitch. People hate me. But Summer is different, and I adore the shit out of this girl. I will severely harm anyone who makes her feel like shit."

Summer [Plots] loving had me a blast. Mariaellasig
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