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Post  Guest on Sat Feb 21, 2009 4:19 am

Nicola Dawson

Nicky Dawson KMH_070705095712683_wideweb__300x305

music, luxury, photography, romance
bubbly, imaginative, loving, charming

{when we go out dancing on a friday night};;Acquaintance
{i get this funny feeling something’s not quite right};;Friend
{my sense of rhythm is incontrovertibly shite, I can’t fake it};;Good Friend
{i can see the pity in your big brown eyes};;Bosom Buddy
{the perpetrator lies between my back and my thighs};;Partner In Crime
{it doesn’t wanna wiggle though i try try try, I can’t make it};;Best Friend

{our astrology will prove};;Attraction
{my love it’s true};;Mutual Attraction
{i’ll never get enough of you};;Flirting
{endless as a desert sky};;Booty Call
{my hunger for the fire that gathers in your eyes};;Dating
{shine, sh-shining in the light};;True Love

{are these words working, do they work for you?};;Slight Dislike
{is there something wrong between us, is there something i can do?};;Love/Hate relationship
{is there some way i can take back all the times you threw away?};;Annoyance
{been burning up the decade when you should’ve seized the day};;Envy
{i wonder why you’re talking ‘cause you’re talking all the time};;Enemy
{will you ever get the message and just leave it all behind?};;Hatred
{the conversation’s trivial but trivial is fine, when held up to the light};;Arch Nemesis

{when i’m out and about, skipping around the city};;Family
{up and down without a doubt, i’m okay with me};;Staff
{but when i’m home all alone with only the phone…};;Business Associate

[b]Year and House:[/b]
[i]-or for non-students-[/i]
[b]Age and Occupation:[/b]
[b]Personality in 1 paragraph:[/b]

[b]Past Relationship:[/b]
[b]Present Relationship:[/b]
[b]Desired Future Relationship:[/b]
[b]Qualifications for Relationship:[/b]

[b]Outward Opinion of Nicky:[/b]
[b]Inward Opinion of Nicky:[/b]


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Post  Guest on Thu Feb 26, 2009 6:59 pm

Name: Andrew Hackett
Year and House: 7th year Aramia
-or for non-students-
Age and Occupation: N/A
Personality in 1 paragraph: Andrew is the quiet type, aside from the machine he carries around all the time. He loves the sophisticated things in life, like violins, and sweater vests, and manners. At the same time however he is a very modern boy, keeping his life as busy as possible with all of his writing and schooling. Andrew is a driven personality which, given the right amount of time, could really produce anything. Andrew loves the rain.

Past Relationship: Acquaintance
Present Relationship: Acquaintance, borderline Friends
Desired Future Relationship: Friends/ Good Friends
Qualifications for Relationship: Andrew, though not often one to show it, loves Nicola's style. She's not like the others, and this is exactly what brings him towards her. He wouldn't exactly call it a physical attraction, though she is no doubt magnificent, but more of a friendly happenstance. They are oddities in this school where most are one way or the other, and in a way this makes them compatable

Outward Opinion of Nicky: "Nicola is very different, or more refreshing to use a better term. She screams individuality, and though she may have a small entitlement problem, I like everything that makes up Nicola just the same. I hope at some point to maybe get to know the real Nicola, and maybe even become friends with her."
Inward Opinion of Nicky: "i honestly get the idea that I'm too wierd even for Nicola. She sees me in the hallways and at the Dining Hall, and it seems like she doesn't want to acknowledge me, or only does so for an unknown reason. I really like the kind of person she is, and would like to get to know her, but i think there will be trouble down that road."


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Post  Danielle Hale on Sun Apr 05, 2009 8:43 am

Name: Danielle Hale
Year and House: 6th, Aramia
-or for non-students-
Age and Occupation:
Personality in 1 paragraph: Danielle loves being around her friends and doing whatever she can to keep them happy. So long as people insult her to her face, she couldn't careless, if they're two-faced, that's another story. Dani oozes confidence when she feels like it and loves being the centre of attention, all eyes on her. She's protective of her close friends and they probably know her the best. She's fierce when she has to be and can be a little difficult to deal with when you get on her bad side.

Past Relationship: Aquaintance
Present Relationship: Aquaintance
Desired Future Relationship: Friend
Qualifications for Relationship: Dani met her a few years ago and after a few awkward encounters, they had a conversation.

Outward Opinion of Nicky: "She's a bit... odd. I don't know how to place her, is she always like that? I've seen her around, but I've only spoken to her once and I think that was enough for the time being. She's nice, but not exactly someone I would hang around with, at least not for very long. Nicky is nice though, she's in my house too, it's not like I'll avoid her or anything!"
Inward Opinion of Nicky: See above.

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