Rowan Williams--Let's get plotting.

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Rowan Williams--Let's get plotting.

Post  Guest on Thu Feb 26, 2009 1:06 am


There's a woman like a dew-drop, She's so purer than the purest


So lean in close...

This traffic is perfectly still - Haven't Met
Our daydream spills from my gold neck - Know By Face
Slowly drift across wax ponds - Know By Name
Imagine knowing me, it's the greatest thing that ever happened - Know By Reputation
I know it's sad that I never gave a damn about the weather - Acquaintances
Marching along, just like they do - Friends
I'd sing along, wouldn't you? - Good Friends
And that's our idea of fun - Best Friends
I found a friend or should I say a foe - Fake Friends
But you'll never know until you're there - Like Family
People have died in his good name - Protective over Rowan
I’ll look after you - Rowan’s protective over you


I said keep your enemies close...

No one expects you to get up - Indifference
Something you want to forget about - Annoyance
I'll damage my pride, it'll hurt me - Jealousy
Something is scratching it's way out - Hidden dislike
But I said you and me we don't have honesty - Mutual dislike
But take it from me we don't give sympathy - Hatred
The things we don't want to speak – Enemies
I'll always pull you up on every stupid thing that you say One sided dislike
So please don’t stay in touch Ex-friends


And your lovers closer.

Clear I was dead wrong all along - Ex boyfriend/girlfriend
I don't love you, I'm just passing the time - Flirting Aimlessly
Would you kiss me or just leave me? - Crushing
Dreams aren't what they used to be - Stalker
You need me less than I need you - Unrequited
She'd want to kiss you all the time - Mutual crushing
But who could love me? I'm out of my mind - Dating
Take your time, would you understand - Serious relationship
The only one who’s ever known - Love
I'm sure I didn't ruin her. Just made her more interesting. - Lust
Never gave a damn about me - Fling
A part of you that'll never show - Secret
Here today, gone tomorrow - One night stand
You're the only one that'll ever know - One night stand but wants more.
They gravitate towards you - Obsession

[b]Year and House:[/b]
[i]-or for non-students-[/i]
[b]Age and Occupation:[/b]
[b]Personality in 1 paragraph:[/b]

[b]Past Relationship:[/b]
[b]Present Relationship:[/b]
[b]Desired Future Relationship:[/b]
[b]Qualifications for Relationship:[/b]

[b]Outward Opinion of Rowan:[/b]
[b]Inward Opinion of Rowan:[/b]


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Re: Rowan Williams--Let's get plotting.

Post  Guest on Thu Mar 05, 2009 6:38 am

Name: Nicola Dawson
Year and House: 7th & Aramia
Personality in 1 paragraph: She may speak and shop a bit like your typical Valley Girl, but Nicky goes her own way. She's a dreamer to boot, and to her friends, she is completely loyal and devoted. She's normally utterly charming, unless she gets into one of her rare crabby moods, usually caused by her inability to finish anything she starts. When she's crabby she can be argumentative, egotistical and rather rude, but she always feels awful about it afterwards.

Past Relationship: Acquaintances, know by reputation
Present Relationship: Good friends, protective over Rowan
Desired Future Relationship: Best friends? Don't know.
Qualifications for Relationship: Nicky thinks Rowan is darling. Rowan being a prefect and Nicky being Head Girl, they would have met at some sort of prefecty do, so that explains that. Nicky would have gravitated towards Rowan because of the triviality of Rowan's reputation, at first, but getting to know her better she would have attached herself to Rowan, as shyness/reservedness/whathaveyou are endearing and attractive traits in a friend to Nicky.

Outward Opinion of Rowan: "Ooh I never wanna let little Ronnie out of my sight! I love her to pieces no matter what anyone else thinks, and I'll always try and keep her from getting hurt if I can. She's great fun to be around and she's very firm on what she believes, which is super!"
Inward Opinion of Rowan: "Of course I don't agree with Ronnie's views on chastity and such, but that doesn't mean I won't let her think her own way. In fact I'm glad she has opinions contrary to the majority of her society, regardless of what people think. Or y'know. Whatever. Anyway, I love her dearly. She's darl. I kind of think of her as a little sister in a way, though we're not really so close yet as to be like family."


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