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Cbox Alias: REE
Full name of active characters: Gabrielle Amorcya will be my first.

Characters Full Name: Gabrielle Renee Amorcya.
Date of Birth: 14th February, 1996
Nationality: Gabrielle was born on the island owned by her family, Amorcya Island.

Age: 15, turning 16 very soon.
Year: Sixth
House: Othello.
type of student: Normal.
wand: ash wood, 6 inches, kelpie mane.
special abilities: None.
species: Human


Gabrielle Renee Amorcya Normal_taylor
played by: Taylor Momsen

    Long, thick blonde locks frame this oval-shaped face. Gabrielle’s blonde hair is always straight, and falls to her shoulder blades. Gabrielle finds that she can’t do a lot with her hair, as it doesn’t like to agree with her. She tries to put it up, and it falls straight back down again. Gabrielle has learnt to compromise with her hair, and generally keeps it down. Her face is usually always blemish-free, and people have commented on the ‘softness’ of her face. Gabrielle’s eyes are a piercing blue, and stand out when she applies light amounts of makeup.

    Gabrielle was blessed with a naturally slim body, however sometimes she believes that it is too slim. She eats and eats, but never gains weight, due to her fast metabolism. Gabrielle also keeps her body in shape by being active. She can usually be seen jogging around the front lawn or flying around the place.

Other features:
    Gabrielle believes that her nose is slightly off center and that her eyes are too far apart. She is especially proud of her lips, which are not extremely full, but full enough for her liking.

Height: 5”5
Weight: 105.6lbs
    Because of her parent’s status in the world, Gabrielle finds she has to be up to date with all the latest fashions. She can usually be seen in jeans and a shirt, though if the weather is nice, she will wear dresses or skirts.

Character Individuality

    - reading
    - singing
    - dancing
    - sleeping
    - eating
    - boys
    - parties
    - SOME alcohol
    - her sister
    - her parents
    - school

    - being told what to do
    - being ignored
    - Voldemort
    - dark magic
    - being out of the loop
    - attention-seekers
    - her parents (at times)
    - school (at times)

A friend’s view towards your character:
    ”Gabrielle spends most of her time trying to make other people laugh and smile. She enjoys life to the fullest. She’ll try everything once, and if she liked it, she’ll go back and do it again. She’s always happy, and when she’s not, you know something is wrong. It’s very rare to see this girl with a frown.”

An enemies view towards your character:
    ”Gabrielle is a prissy little rich kid who thinks she’s better than everyone else because her parents own the island this school is on. She’s always flashing her designer clothes around, pretending like she’s the friendliest person in the world. I know better.”

Patronus: Otter; like the otter, Gabrielle is full of curiosity, mischievousness, helpfulness and grace.
Mirror of Erised: Currently, Gabrielle’s greatest desire is to finish school. She hopes to get a job in the ministry one day. Her preferred job is an auror. She’d like to be the one to help catch Voldemort and his Death Eaters.
Boggart: Gabrielle’s greatest fear is Voldemort finding the school. Right after that comes her sister being seriously injured, or worse, dead.

Character History

parents: David Amorcya, 45 – a well known author of fictional stories. Recently, David has started researching what really happened during the destruction of Hogwarts.
Janette Amorcya, 39 – a well known actress in both the wizarding and muggle worlds.
siblings: Michelle Rianna Amorcya, 15 turning 16 – twin sister.
other notable relations: Renee Amorcya, 73 – grandmother on her father’s side. Gabrielle received her middle name from Renee.
Rianna Allen, 65 – grandmother on her mother’s side. Michelle received her middle name from Rianna.

Favorite Memory(s):
    Gabrielle’s favourite memory happened in the year 2000 at Christmas time. It was the first time their family had been together for Christmas since her mother had become an actress. Gabrielle can remember exactly how happy she felt knowing that she got to spend the entire day with her mother and her father, and her sister.

Proof of Magical Powers:
    Gabrielle was seven when she showed the first sign of magical powers. She’d been playing with the neighbour’s dog when suddenly the dog turned bright pink. Gabrielle had been excited, and had tried to do it again. Her neighbour’s hadn’t been impressed.

History at School:
    When Gabrielle first arrived at Oasis Hill Academy, she thought herself better than everyone because of who her parents were and because she owned the island. She quickly learnt that thinking so highly of herself wouldn’t get her anywhere. Once learning this, Gabrielle changed her attitude. She stopped looking down on people, and started trying to get to know them. This had an amazing reaction, and Gabrielle soon found herself surrounded with friends. Life couldn’t get any better. She had friends and she was doing extremely well in school. Now in her sixth year, Gabrielle is still doing extremely well in school, and her group of friends have grown.

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Your application has been approved by an administrator. Welcome to Oasis Hill Academy! I am honored to welcome you to this fantastic school.

Now that you have been accepted, please be sure to update the Face Claim. While you're at it, why not sign up for some classes or clubs and teams? You are also encouraged to create a washroom wall for yourself to see what rumours have been spread about you. Get those friendships and relationships started by making yourself a plot page.

Once you have done all of this, we encourage you to explore Oasis Hill Academy.
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