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Post  Gabrielle Amorcya on Fri Feb 20, 2009 11:26 pm

If you would like to make a shop to put into the marketplace, please fill out the following form and post it as a reply to this thread. However, if you are creating a shop, you must have an 'Outside of Oasis Hill' character. If you do not have an 'Outside of Oasis Hill' character, you may not create a shop without permission from an Admin (Ree, Ren and Frankie).

[b]Shop Name:[/b] what is the name of your shop?
[b]Shop Purpose:[/b] what does it stock?
[b]Shop Owner/s:[/b] who owns the shop? is it a joint ownership? if so, please add the name of the second owner.
[b]Shop Description:[/b] what does the shop look like? at least one paragraph describing the inside and outside of your shop.

Please be patient. A forum with your shop's name and description will be made within a week of your submitted date.

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Create-a-shop Template Empty Re: Create-a-shop Template

Post  Guest on Wed Jul 21, 2010 11:07 am

Shop Name: The Highland
Shop Purpose: It is a student lounge and club, meant to be a getaway from the grind of busy student life.
Shop Owner/s: Owned and operated by the Ramsay Brothers, Seth and Kane
Shop Description:
The Highland is named for the Highlands of Scotland where the boys grew up, and as such is marked outside by a large Scottish flag over the entrance. The doors into the building are indented into the wall for better control over who goes in and out. The windows out front are smoked glass to prevent seeing in.
Once inside, the Highland is dark most of the time in most areas with various lighting apparatus depending on the theme of the night and the music playing. The large building is one enormous room downstairs divided into several areas. Around the front and side walls are several sitting areas with plush couches and chairs around a number of small drink tables. Each couch is covered in a tartan pattern. All the way to the left is the bar where drinks from all over the world can be ordered. The sign overhead of it says, "If we don't have it, we'll find it!" The door near the bar leads to the stairwell that goes downstairs to the storage basement and upstairs to the Ramsay apartment.
The largest feature of the building is the large central dance floor that ends at the back wall. Above the floor are all manner of lights. The center of the floor has a raised dais where the more skilled and adventurous dancers may congregate, it is known as "The Rock." It is also the main stage for entertainment on certain nights. At two points near the outer edges of the dance floor are two large support posts to hold up the building.
The Highland's upstairs is the two-bedroom apartment where Kane and Seth live. The stairwell opens into a moderately furnished living room for entertaining guests that directly attaches to a small kitchenette. Down the short hallway are three doors. The door to the left is a full bathroom that the boys share. The center door leads to Kane's room while the door to the right leads to Seth's. Having only recently moved in, their bedrooms have minimal furnishings but the majority of their other property.
The Highland's basement is used solely for storage and is cluttered with supplies for the club.


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