A nice long soak... (open)

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A nice long soak... (open) Empty A nice long soak... (open)

Post  Guest on Thu Feb 26, 2009 1:24 am

Melody entered the prefect's bathroom after whispering the password. It was one of the only perks of being a prefect that really meant anything to her, the chance to fill the tub with her choice of scented bubbles and soak in the hot water for an hour or so while reading something light, nothing having to do with school. The tub was big enough to hold all the prefects at once, but they had managed to arrange it so if you had to share, then at least it was with someone of the same sex. She had chosen the lavendar tap and had lilac colored bubbles with the scent of fresh lavender wafting around her. It was supposed to be calming and good for the mind. She wasn't so sure, but it did smell good. She wrapped her hair in a towel and laid back against the edge as she just soaked the stress of her daily school life away. Her big towel and robe were on the side just an arms reach away in case she needed them.


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