The Boys are Back in Town! [The Ramsay Twins]

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The Boys are Back in Town! [The Ramsay Twins] Empty The Boys are Back in Town! [The Ramsay Twins]

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Kane jumped up and down on one foot, the foot which had not just been smashed under the heavily-packed box of his brother Seth’s belongings which he had been carrying into their new building when his grip slipped. He didn’t even know what ridiculously cumbersome objects his brother had stashed in it, but Kane was ready to set the box ablaze with a thought. Whipping out his wand, he reached back for a dramatic spell…

…But thinking better of it, he grudgingly muttered Locomotor.” The box quickly scooted across the floor of the apartment, down the hall to come to rest next to the door on the right which led to Seth’s room. Despite the updated proximity to the box, a scowl remained on Kane’s face, evidence of his still smarting toes.

Kane centered himself in the apartment’s living room and turned on his heels, taking in his surroundings: mountains of boxes labeled with his name, his brother’s name, or a location, a few furniture pieces, and miscellaneous other objects that didn’t fit into boxes. His scowl turned into a smirk; they had finally done it. After years of living at the bottom of the pyramid, Seth and Kane Ramsay were moving on up and starting their own business, a shared dream since they were little kids. And now that dream had come to fruition and included an apartment over the newest and soon to be most popular student hang-out on Amorcya Island. If only their deadbeat father could see them now…

Kane called down the staircase to his Seth who was fetching another box, “Oi, knucklehead, hurry up, we’re still movin’ our sh*te in and need to finish settin’ up for opening night! We only have two more days!”


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