The Highland Business Hours (posted on front window)

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The Highland Business Hours (posted on front window)

Post  Guest on Wed Sep 22, 2010 2:35 pm

*NOTE* The Highland is not yet open for business. Regular business hours will begin following the Grand Opening celebrations.

Day Hours: When the Highland's service and clientele create the subdued atmosphere of a coffee shop, well-lit with easy-listening music playing.
Monday- 8am-6pm
Tuesday- 8am-4pm
Wednesday- 8am-6pm
Thursday- 8am-6pm
Friday- 8am-6pm
Saturday- 10am-6pm
Sunday- 10am-6pm

Club Hours: When the nightlife begins and the Highland becomes a club and bar scene with low lighting, loud music and lots of dancing.
Monday- 9pm-2am
Tuesday- No Club Hours
Wednesday- 9pm-2am
Thursday- 9pm-2am
Friday- 8pm-3am
Saturday- 8pm-3am
Sunday- 9pm-2am


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