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Cbox Alias: JD
Full name of active characters: Bob, Santa, Billy Jo. I’m a regular character whore.

Characters Full Name: Alec Edwards
Date of Birth: January 19, 1995
Nationality: He was born somewhere in America, but moved to Australia when he was sixth months old. As far as Alec is concerned, he is 100% Australian.

Age: 17
Year: Seventh
House: Othello
prefect/Head Boy or Girl: N/A
type of student: Scholarship. Alec excels in Potions. He is known to experiment with different things, creating different potions. Some of them are extremely useful, some of them just turn out to be regular household cleaning potions. This doesn’t matter, though. Because of Alec’s love of potions, he has managed top marks in all seven years of his schooling.
wand: yew, 14”, sphinx fur
special abilities: Werewolf. Alec does not remember how he became a werewolf. He has no memory of being bitten. His only memory of being a werewolf is the first time he changed under the full moon. Not a happy memory for him.
species: Werewolf.


Alec Edwards Pic05
played by: Oliver Goodwill


    Alec’s hair takes on two colours. The dominant colour is black. Jet black. It is not messy, but he doesn’t take the time to style it every day like some people seem to think he does. Alec lets his hair do whatever it wants. He has no say in what his hair chooses to do. The second colour is blonde, which only takes up a small portion of his hair. People seem to think that Alec either muggle dyed his hair this way, or at least magicked it in there somehow, but Alec insists that this blonde patch is natural. Alec’s face is what some girls would describe as “gorgeous”, “perfect” and other such things. Alec, however, sees none of this. To him, his face is plain. His eyebrows are black, not too thick, but not too thin, either. His nose is slightly pointed, which he likes. His lips aren’t too full, but they aren’t set in a thin line, either. They’re just right. His ears don’t stick out, which he is grateful for. His face is often covered in stubble, because he just can’t be bothered to shave.

    Alec’s body is another thing girls seem to love complimenting. “Gorgeous”, “buff”, other such inane compliments as those. Alec, once again, doesn’t see this. He keeps his body in shape by playing Quidditch in his spare time, running, and doing regular exercise. He’s also a fan of other physical activities (if you catch my drift). He has broad shoulders, and everything on his body seems to be symmetrical. He has an odd shaped birth on his right butt cheek. If you look at it one way, it sort of looks like a four leaf clover. But Alec is convinced that it looks like a blob of poo.

Other features:
    Alec’s left eyebrow sits a tiny bit higher than his right one. It sits just high enough so it looks like he constantly has his eyebrow raised, giving him a constant quizzical look. His nose is slightly pointed, and the tip seems to point to the right a little bit.

Height: 6”2
Weight: 151.8 lbs
    Alec is quite the stylish boy. His parents aren’t poor, but they didn’t see the point in buying Alec things he didn’t really need. His grandparents… well, they were loaded, for lack of a better term and loved doting on their only grandson. They made sure Alec was kept up to date with all the latest muggle and wizard fashions. They bought him all the finest robes, all the finest designer muggle clothes, everything they thought he needed that his parents couldn’t afford.

Character Individuality

    all weather, actually
    his dog, rascal
    his grandparents
    school (because of the girls)
    his friends
    his enemies (they make him laugh)
    being a wizard
    being a werewolf (to an extent)

    his enemies
    his parents (on occasion)
    being a werewolf (mostly when he changes)
    the fact that the dark lord is coming for the school
    the school (on occasion)
    girls (because they’re so effing hard to understand!)
    boys (because they treat girls like crap)
    his dog (because it pooped on his carpet that one time)

A friend’s view towards your character:
    ”Alec’s pretty cool, I guess. He’s a pretty big ladies man, which is cool. We get the girls that he turns down. Because once he turns them down, they’re looking for a rebound. That’s where we come in. But other than that, Alec is a great guy. He’s funny, and he has his friends’ backs.”

An enemies view towards your character:
    ”Alec Edwards is the worst person I know. He treats women like objects. He takes them out once, and doesn’t call them afterwards! And every guy at Oasis Hill thinks he’s a legend because they get what he doesn’t want. Well, Alec Edwards is not that great. In fact, he’s a dirty man-whore.”

Patronus: Dog; more specifically, a Labrador. Like the Labrador, Alec is loyal and faithful (to an extent). He offers protection to his friends and family, and offers guidance where he can.
Mirror of Erised: What does every guy secretly want? To finish school, to meet the girl of his dreams, to have a successful career and to start a family.
Boggart: None of the above happening.

Character History

parents: Dennis Edwards, 50 – Puddlemere United coach
Annabelle Edwards, 45 – Ex-model, still a socialite.
siblings: N/A
other notable relations: Dennis Edwards I, 70 – Grandfather on his father’s side. Often gives large donations to Oasis Hill Academy.
Harriet Edwards, 68 – Grandmother on his father’s side.

Bertram Reynolds, 72 – Grandfather on his mother’s side. He is a well-known Quidditch commentator, also gives large donations to Oasis Hill.
Julia Reynolds, 65 – Grandmother on his mother’s side. Was a model, like her daughter. Now helps other girls in becoming models.

Favorite Memory(s):
    His fifth birthday. January 19th, 2000. It was the first, and only, year that Alec had his entire family with him. His grandparents on both sides were there, as were his parents. It was also the year that Alec’s father introduced him to Jasper Hale, a famous beater on the Puddlemere United team. With him, Jasper brought his four year old daughter, Danielle Hale. Alec was instantly taken with the girl. Alec and Danielle only exchanged letters for a few months after Alec’s birthday. A few years later, when he turned 10, he sent her another letter to inform her that he’d been invited to go to Oasis Hill Academy. He never suspected that in his second year, the same Danielle Hale would be joining him for her first year at the school. It was quite a reunion.

Proof of Magical Powers:
    Alec had been eight when he discovered his magical abilities. He had been in the kitchen, playing around with the knobs on the oven when all of a sudden, of its own accord, the oven exploded. Rather than being angry with him, Alec’s mother had praised her son on a great display of power, and had proceeded to clean up his mess.

History at School:
    Alec is not a top student. He doesn’t get awesome marks. In fact, Alec is an average student. He gets average marks. He has always been this way, and doesn’t plan to change. What’s the point? He’s in his last year of school. The only class Alec really tries in is potions. He is constantly trying out new ingredients in his potions, and this is what earns him his good marks. In his other classes, Alec does not try as hard because he does not enjoy them as much. In fact, Alec would probably be failing all of his classes had his parents not threatened him with home schooling.
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Your application has been approved by an administrator. Welcome to Oasis Hill Academy! I am honored to welcome you to this fantastic school.

Now that you have been accepted, please be sure to update the Face Claim. While you're at it, why not sign up for some classes or clubs and teams? You are also encouraged to create a washroom wall for yourself to see what rumours have been spread about you. Get those friendships and relationships started by making yourself a plot page.

Once you have done all of this, we encourage you to explore Oasis Hill Academy.

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