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Post  Gabrielle Amorcya on Tue Jun 16, 2009 6:28 am

It was actually a very beautiful day outside as Gabrielle walked down the path behind her house that would lead her to the stables where her horse was. Frosting and Cupcake followed her closely and excitedly, always eager for a chance to get out of the house. Usually, Gabrielle would just throw on a pair of jeans and a shirt to go riding, but usually that was only when she planned to ride for about half an hour. Today, Gabrielle was planning on spending as long as she could on her horse, so she’d chosen to wear her full riding outfit. Gabrielle had her riding helmet hanging on her wrist by the chin-strap as she attempted to pull her uncooperative hair into a pony tail. Gabrielle didn’t like to ride with her hair down as it would blow all over the place and impair her vision; especially if it was windy. After successfully pulling her hair into a pony tail, Gabrielle stepped into the barn and headed immediately for Cookie, her Anglo-Arab Appaloosa mare. When she reached her horses stall, one of the stablehands walked up to her, lead rope and halter in hand. “Good afternoon, Miss Amorcya. Would you like me to saddle Cookie for you?” the stablehand asked, a pleasant smile on his face.

Gabrielle regarded the stablehand closely, before turning to stroke her horse’s nose. “Mmm, no thank you. I think I’ll saddle her myself today”, she said as she took the halter and lead rope from the stablehand. Still smiling pleasantly, the stablehand walked away to tend to the other horses. There were over ten horses in the barn, even though Gabrielle and Michelle were usually the only ones to ride. The twins had their favourites, Cookie and Strawberry, and so they both believed that the other horses were just going to waste. They were exercised regularly, of course, but hardly ever ridden. Gabrielle glanced behind her at the stall across from Cookie’s, where Strawberry was munching happily on some hay. With a small smile, Gabrielle let herself into Cookie’s stall, slipped the halter over her head, and clipped the lead rope onto the halter and lead Cookie out of the stall. Holding the lead rope loosely, Gabrielle walked Cookie down the aisle between the two rows of stalls and into the saddling area. Once Cookie was safely tied up, Gabrielle retrieved her saddle and bridling, and began the quick job of saddling her horse.

Gabrielle had saddling Cookie down to a fine art. She was sure that if she tried, she could do it blindfolded. Once Cookie was saddled, Gabrielle gave her the once-over before tightening the girth. Cookie was now officially ready to be ridden. Gabrielle retrieved her riding helmet from the ground, and slipped it onto her head. She buckled the chinstrap before untying Cookie. Planting a small kiss on the mare’s nose, Gabrielle slipped the reins over Cookie’s neck and led the horse out of the stable. Once outside, Gabrielle adjusted her stirrups and slipped her left foot into the left stirrup, swinging her right leg over Cookie’s side and slipping her foot into the right stirrup. Gabrielle adjusted her position so she was comfortable on Cookie’s back, and looked around for Cupcake and Frosting. They were close, but not too close. Gabrielle had taught her dogs to remain a safe distance away from the horses. With a click of her tongue and a gentle nudge of her heels, Gabrielle urged Cookie forward into a walk. After a few steps, Gabrielle nudged Cookie forward into a trot to warm the mare up.

As she trotted along, Gabrielle spared a quick glance towards the mansion. Her parents still hadn’t returned home yet. Janette hadn’t given the twins a return date, and David often just up and left whenever he pleased. In Gabrielle’s opinion, her father was far too obsessed with the destruction of Hogwarts. One night, when she’d been up late, Gabrielle had been in the kitchen getting herself a late night snack. She’d heard a noise in the living room, and had gone to investigate, only to find her father, fully packed, trying to leave the house quietly. When Gabrielle had asked him what he’d been doing, her father had replied that he’d had a sudden inspiration and had to get to the Hogwarts site immediately. Gabrielle had given up on caring where her father was and when he’d be home. He rarely left notes anymore, so Gabrielle and Michelle never had any idea where he was. Gabrielle shook her head, clearing her mind of thoughts of her parents. Thinking about them distracted her too much, and Gabrielle couldn’t afford to be distracted. Especially not while she was riding.

Gabrielle clicked her tongue and nudged Cookie’s sides again, urging her horse into a faster trot. She planted her behind in the saddle, and nudged Cookie harder. The mare broke into a canter, and Gabrielle smiled. She could hear Frosting and Cupcake behind them, barking as they tried to keep up with the mare. Gabrielle stood up slightly in her saddle, leaned forward over Cookie’s neck, and kicked Cookie’s sides. The mare broke into a gallop. Gabrielle could see the mansion, the trees, and the stables whipping by in the corner of her eye. The barking of her dogs had softened now, and after a while, she couldn’t hear anything.

Gabrielle could feel the familiar burning sensation in her legs that she always got when she rode like this. It meant that her legs weren’t strong enough yet. “Whoa, girl”, Gabrielle murmured softly, pulling gently on the reins. Cookie slowed into a canter, and Gabrielle sat back down in the saddle. She pulled gently on the reins again, and Cookie slowed into a trot. Gabrielle pulled on the left rein, turning Cookie around until they were trotting back towards the stables.

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