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Cbox Alias: REE
Full name(s) of active character(s): Gabrielle Amorcya, and I play Alec Edwards on occasion. ‘Cause I stole him from JD. 8D

Characters Full Name: Brooke Amanda Gaiman
Date of Birth: July 14, 1987
Age: 24 turning 25
Nationality: Brooke was born in Miami, America. She lived there up until she turned 14, when her parents decided to move to Australia to get her closer to Oasis Hill. Brooke still has a thick American accent, and loves it to death.

Position: Professor.
Subject: Muggle Studies. The only reason why Brooke is young (for a teacher, anyway) is because she was the top of her Muggle Studies class when she went to Oasis Hill. Because of this, Headmaster Chapman invited Brooke back to the school to teach the subject. She has been teaching at Oasis Hill for three years now.

Wand: holly, 12”, unicorn tail
Special abilities: She’s extremely pretty. That’s a special ability, right?
Species: HUMAN.


played by: Jessica Alba

    Brooke’s hair is somewhat of a mystery. She changes the colour of it so often that nobody is sure what her natural colour is. Brooke’s favourite hair colour is a light brown, which is what she has usually. Normally, her hair falls down past her shoulders to about the center of her back. It falls naturally in waves, though she straightens it on some occasions. Her eyes are what she calls “chocolate brown” (because she love chocolate), and are usually framed with a thick layer of eyeliner and mascara. Her lips are full and thick and have a constant pouty look to them. Her face is generally free from blemish.

    Brooke is very big on keeping herself fit and healthy. Lucky for her, she was born with a naturally slim body and a fast metabolism. Because of this, Brooke can eat practically anything and not gain a pound. However, she chooses to eat healthily. Brooke’s diet consists of salads and other stuff (because I couldn’t be bothered naming everything). Her long, slim legs are the most important thing to her, as she does a lot of running. Brooke generally does both muggle and wizarding exercises, but running (to her) is her getaway. Because of this, she can be seen in the late afternoons running around the border of the school. Unfortunately for her (fortunately for the male population), Brooke was also given large breasts, a highpoint for the males in her life.

Other features:
    The tip of Brooke’s nose curves downward slightly. Her upper lip sits out just that little bit more, and curves upwards slightly. She also has a small mole on the left side of her chin.

Height: 5’6
Weight: 121.3 pounds (55kg)
    Brooke is a mixture of a girly girl and tomboy. She generally wears whatever she feels comfortable in, but is also always up to date with the latest fashions and whatnot. During the summer, Brooke will wear a mixture of skirts and shorts and small shirts that allow her body to breathe. In the colder months, she will wear jeans, track pants and sweaters to keep herself warm.

Character Individuality

    -her students
    -the Drunken Elf
    -her dog, Frisky, the Pomeranian

    -Voldemort (duh)
    -the students that refuse to learn
    -being out of the loop
    -being highly intoxicated
    -people who are highly intoxicated

A friend’s view towards your character:
    ”Witty, intelligent, down to earth, caring… what more could a person want in a friend? Brooke has it all. Charm, looks, intelligence. She has everything there is to offer. She’s always around when you need her the most. She’s always willing to try everything once. She doesn’t judge people. She’s very willing to give people a second chance. She loves her job, and she loves her students. She loves to teach the students about muggles, and she loves to learn new things. I don’t kow how a person couldn’t NOT like Brooke.”

An enemies view towards your character:
    ”If she likes muggles so much, why doesn’t she just go live with them? Brooke Gaiman is the snobbiest person alive. She’s pretty, she knows it, and she’s not afraid to rub it in your face. I honestly don’t understand why people think she’s so great. She’s a snob.”

Patronus: Moose; like the moose, Brooke is headstrong and unstoppable.
Mirror of Erised: The only thing Brooke has ever wanted is to become a mother.
Boggart: What does everyone fear? Death. Brooke just adds Voldemort to her fear. Brooke has a fear of being killed by Voldemort.

Character History

parents: George Dennis Gaiman, 65 – fisherman. Everybody has something that they love doing. George has just taken his love and made a career out of it. Although a horribly muggle thing to do, George loves spending time on his boat with his crew, fishing and whatnot.

Bernice Marlene Halloway-Gaiman, 59 – ex-reporter for the Daily Prophet.
siblings: Kathryn Hale, 38 - Brooke's older sister.
other notable relations: Dennis Gaiman, 89 – ex-coach for Puddlemere United.
Teresa Gaiman, 84 – ex-radio show host.

Bruce Halloway, 80 – owns a few shops in Diagon Alley. Is a large donator to Oasis Hill Academy.
Marlene Halloway, 75 – ex-singer.

Danielle Kathryn Hale, 16, Aramia - Brooke's niece

    Brooke was seven when Oasis Hill Academy opened. The day she turned ten years old, she received her invitation to go to the school. Her parents, still shaken up by what had happened to Hogwarts, were not too willing to send their only child away. Brooke eventually convinced them to let her go, and she was extremely excited when they did. She went eagerly, and proved herself to be a great student. Receiving nothing lower than an Exceeds Expectations every class, Brooke found that Muggle Studies was her favourite and easiest class. Brooke received Outstanding’s in Muggle Studies. She graduated in 2005, and was the top of her Muggle Studies class.

Previous occupations:
    Brooke worked at the Drunken Elf in Woodberg County for two years after leaving Oasis Hill. She had a brief three month experience at Antarya Amarcis, and spent a year working at Cookies ‘n’ Cream.

History at School:
    Brooke had never been so pleased to be back at Oasis Hill, and teaching the one class she loved, no less. Since being back at the school, Brooke has tried to teach her students everything her Muggle Studies professor taught her, adding in some of the things she learnt on her own. She has tried to provide a fun learning environment for her students. Being as young as she is, Brooke finds it easier to connect with the students, and therefore, usually gets better results out of them.

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Your application has been approved by an administrator. Welcome to Oasis Hill Academy! I am honored to welcome you to this fantastic school.

Now that you have been accepted, please be sure to update the Face Claim. While you're at it, why not sign up for some classes or clubs and teams? You are also encouraged to create a washroom wall for yourself to see what rumours have been spread about you. Get those friendships and relationships started by making yourself a plot page.

Once you have done all of this, we encourage you to explore Oasis Hill Academy.

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